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my brain tumor came back


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Hey all,

Absolutely unbelievable!! I wqas having terrible headaches last week,also trying to wean off the steroids at the same time. Headaches got worse over weekend, head CT Monday, brain MRI yesterday. Something is back in the exact same place of original tumor site. Massive edema, hence, the headache.

Neurosurgeon thinks it is radaiation acrosis, radiation dr. thinks it's new tumor. Either way it has to be removed ASAP, so I will have brain surgery again tomorrow morning.

I am numb. I don't know what to think of the doctors who assure me by doing all their procedures (WBR x 20) would protect me from this. Is the treatment worth the cure?? They fried my brain and now the tumor is back anyway. It was a waste of time, all my hair fell out again, not to mention the financial burden it has cost paying a $35 co-pay at each treatment.

Seems like a bad week on the boards again. My love to all, I shall pray for all of us who are fighting this horrible, cruel disease.

Because of the cross,


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Dear dear Melanie,

please take our love, prayers, and support with you tomorrow and know that we will be holding you firmly in prayer.

Melanie, we are so sorry and we care so much.

This is one of the days when we need to rely on our TRUST in God's MERCY.

He is there and He is holding us near, I believe that with all my heart.


Pat and Brian

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This sucks, Melanie....big time. But you have all my best wishes that they clean that bugger out of your head this time and that it NEVER returns. In your head or anywhere else.

Hang on to your hope and belief....and know we're all pulling for you here!

Let us know soon as you can, how you're doing...ok?

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Well I'd let loose with a few swear words but they'd just get bleeped! Oh Melanie...I can hear your anger and I don't blame you. It's so soon since your surgery...lets hope for scar tissue. I am crossing all body parts and wishing you good news soon. Please have someone post for you.

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Been thinking of you all day. I hope things went well. I can only imagine how you feel, emotionally.

Just the disappointmen alone... But I just know that you will again beat this monster back--radiation or tumor. You will beat it back.

love and fortitude


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