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Life is so unfair


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While eating supper tonite one of my molars (which had a temporary crown) crumbled. The event killed my appitite and I didn't finish my steak.

How could this happen...don't I have enough problems without going to the dentist....It just ISN"T fair. Then I realized how stupid I was being. Compared to the more serious problems I have. the tooth isn't worth a second thought. :oops:

We are so childish sometimes....we must stand back and look at the big picture. I couldn't believe that I had become so adept at living each day and not worrying about tomorrow and then I let the prospect of a dentists visit take control.

I guess we never grow up. :lol:


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Who WANTS to grow up, Jim? 8)

Sometimes, the daily stuff just ain't all that important...not a good thing for me, needing a job and an income. Had a real hard to deal with co-supervisor for a while, didn't care, though, because she didn't intimidate me as she did others. Hell, I've faced CANCER, ain't no way some b*tchy woman is going to scare me!

(But I still hate the thought of going to the dentist...LOL)

Love to you,


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We are with you!!!!!!!!!!!

Enuf is Enuf is Enuf is Enuf

Bah Humbug


No Fair

I had a crown replaced in April........if you think it ruined this steak, wait till you see the cost!!!!!!!!! Steaks will be replaced w/ spam burgers!!!

Uploading some 'poor babies' and sympathy from me and from Brian.


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Oh Cindi, you're so bad.... Jim , I think if you can find a person that wants to go to the dentist you have found a weird character.... Sorry, you couldn't enjoy your steak and that you have to go through this... You are right , haven't you had enough and why on Friday night , 4th of July weekend.. where can you find a dentist.... Oh Jim... you really didn't need this.. Take care.


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Maybe it's a good sign that you're so ticked off about your tooth........I found that when I was 'over' the cancer and tx's I started to be upset about the normal little things in life again.

I even got upset with a bad hair day after vowing that when my hair grew back I would NEVER complain about it again!!!

Happy drilling


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Must share my dental story last week. On the way to work and chewing a breath mint after my coffee. And crunch -- I thought it was a filling and then realized I had little pieces of ground enamel and I knew I had a problem. Got to dentist the next day and had to leave even though my substitute (I'm a teacher) didn't show up and had to inconvenience others to cover my class. Anyhow, I'm in the dental chair nervous and a bit exhausted from the rush (it was also Sport's Day in the morning and I repeated the same instructions 18 times to different groups of kids). Then the dentist berates me saying that the tooth had a large filling (about 1/4 of the tooth had broken off and some of it was still in the gum). I mentioned to the dentist that i did not choose the tooth to break. Next, he asked me how it broke and I told him I was chewing a candy; then he went on to tell me that he doesn't have candy at which time I started to mumble and he had to stop doing whatever he was doing in myy mouth; I then proceeded to tell him that the candy was sugarless. That was the last of our conversation that day. So, yes, go and blow up a bit about the dentist even though that's an easily fixable problem. That's part of being human, these little aggravations as long as we get them back into perspective.

Hope your visit is painless.

Gail p=m

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Wow, your post hit close to home for me! I, too, had dental difficulties this week and ended up getting a tooth pulled. People at work were telling me 'stories' about tooth extractions and how they heard so and so had their tooth pulled and their eyeball came out also, etc etc :shock:. I think people have a horror story for everything, I swear! SO, I was all stressed out before the procedure until I remembered that I had 2 lobes of lung extracted from my body, a mere tooth is no longer something to lose sleep over! Tooth? I SPIT on tooth!! :wink:

Also, at work we are having our usual summer dress code debacle. We don't allow flip flops and employees will come in with flip flops that are dressed up to look like something else but are still flip flops. One person came in with this new "sandal" (she brought the package proclaiming it so) which is actually a sole, glued to the bottom of your foot with nothing on the top. While I sat and talked to the "shoeless" employee and debated the definition of "shoe" :shock:, the ridiculousness of the situation hit me hard. I wanted SO bad to say to her, do you know, I might have a tumor growing in my lung while I sit here in the middle of this stupid conversation?! I mean, it must be nice to have nothing else to worry about except how to push the flip flop envelope and talk about how unfair it is that you can't wear beach shoes to work!!

But, I guess falling back into the "mundane" is good and as my mom always used to say, life goes on.... Good luck with your tooth and hang onto your eyeballs Jim :lol::lol: !!!

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Wow Jim can I relate. I just broke a molar several

weeks ago and was bummed too. I had to stand back and look at the picture also. But made a long coming, but needed decision to have my teeth extracted and to get a top plate. That will happen on 7-5-05. I started to do this two yrs. ago and was

dx and all stopped. So it's kind of like a leap forward for me which is a good thing.


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I symphaise with you. Dentist are not fun. I don't know anyone who says, wow, I have a dentist appointment today, lucky me I can't wait. :D

We are all human therefore little things do bother us no matter how many big things we go through in our lives. That's just the way it is. So don't beat up on yourself.

This too shall become a thing of the past.

Good luck


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