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Leg Pain


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Had my bone scan today & then my visit with PCP.My hip lit up but only in the spot that he had given me a steroid shot so he thinks that made it light up. So tomorrow I will have an MRI in that spot to rule out nasties. Please help me pray for a good report. The pain has been bad so he changed my pain meds.

Someone from didability called him & asked if I was able to lift 50 #'s for a job!!! He couldn't stop laughing. Hope you are all doing well.


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Best wishes headed your way, Rachel. Hope they get to the root of the pain...but I'm joining you in fervent hopes that it ain't "the nasties".

Yoicks...50 lbs? What did they think you used to do for a living...linebacker for the Raiders? 8)

I used to lug a 40 lb bag of kibble to my car like it was nothing. These days, unfortunately, I'm happier just carrying a bag of yarn! :roll:

Let us know how things go. Vibing all good things your way.

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