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An Update on Dean and Gay~


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Dean's burns are healing but he has been having a hard time. He had a fall and hurt his ribs and is just very, very weak. Gay and Dean have decided that he will enter a hospice respite program for 5 days to have some tests and to give Gay a break . She is not sure when it will happen but probably around August 1st. His birthday is July 29th so it will be sometime after that.

It's just a hard time for them both so please send your good wishes, prayers, positive vibes and birthday wishes.


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Hate to see more troubles climb onto Dean's back. Poor guy! Glad Gay will be able to have a break - I'm sure she's emotionally exhausted. If we start a Happy Birthday message to Dean, can gay read them? What a way to spend your birthday.

Thanks for sharing their news, Ry.


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Dean & Gay,

I am so sorry for all the misfortune Dean has been going through. Please be at peace to know that you have a mulitude of healing prayers going out your way, to you Dean.

Gay, I have special prayers sent to you for strength, which you have so far, but, much needed prayers for the rest of the journey. Which is going to turn out fine for Dean. Please keep faith, as faith has moved mountains and continues to do so.

I pray for him to be painfree and comfortable. He is such a brave gentleman.

My thoughts are with you both.

On July 29th I will wish him a happy birthday and special wishes.

Gay, take some time to wind down and do something nice for yourself. Maybe,... hair, manacure, or a face massage. Maybe just a hot bath with candles all around, nice earth sounds CD's and close your eyes and just relax. Don't forget the bubbles and maybe even a glass or wine. Whatever, just please try and make some time for you. That will help you unwind and then you can face anything.


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Dean and Gay,

You two are always in my prayers and will continue to be. I am so sorry about Dean's fall. I hope he is not in any pain from it ( I know that is asking a little much).

Happy early Birthday Dean. We all love you very much and hope that you can still find some pleasure in your wonderful backyard full of birds. Take care of yourself.

Gay, I hope you can relax a little while Dean is gone for those 5 days. We all need a break from this dreaded beast at some point.


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Thank you so much for the update Ry.

Dear Dean and Carl,

I am so sorry that Dean has taken a fall to compound his problems. I am also glad that you are going to have a 5 day break Gay as I am sure you need it very much! Try not to worry too much during that time and really take some time to just breath and relax.

I wont forget what day is Deans birthday as it is the same as my husbands.

You are both always in my prayers and will continue to be.

God Bless You Both,


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Sending all positive, healing vibes their direction .

Dean, you also share your birthday with my stepson. Hope you get the corner of the cake that's got the extra frosting on it!! :wink:

And...hope the 5 day respite program is helpful to both of you. You continue to be in my thoughts....

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I am so sorry to hear this news... I am hoping that Dean can gather some strength back and Gay can gather some emotional strength. It is so very tough and my heart goes out to both of them.... as well as continued prayers. Love, Sharon

PS> Dean Happy Birthday my friend.....

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Big hugs, positive thoughts and lots of sincere, heart felt prayers being sent for Dean and Gay. I'm sorry to hear of this "bump in the road." Gay, take my advice and take advantage of any rest and relaxation you can get! I'm also sending early birthday wishes for Dean....just to get him in the mood for celebrating!!!

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