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Cathy R has passed

Guest mom

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CathyR. passed away today peacefully. She was surrounded by family and friends. Our family will forever be grateful to each and every one of you for the love, support and prayers you shared with Cathy and all of us. Know that Cathy holds us all in her love and light. She is at peace...She will be missed but never forgotten....

Warm regards,


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Caryl, I'm so very sorry for your loss. I've missed Cathyr here already, and she will continue to be in our hearts and memories. She was a special lady, and I'm so glad she had those she loved nearby as she went through these last weeks. Thank you for letting us know. You'll be in my thoughts & prayers as you go through this difficult time.


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Cathy had a special place in my heart. She had a fighting spirit and a love of life that was contagious. Many times, I gained strength from her posts and was inspired by her. She will be missed very much , but she left behind footprints on our hearts. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.



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This is such sad sad sad news.

Cathy was one the first to encourage us and support us.

What a great example she set.

What a class act.

What a sad day.

Please accept our condolences and know we have your family in prayer.


Pat and Brian

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I just saw this and am so saddened to read this news. Cathy was such an inspiration.

I am so glad that I had the chance to meet her and your mom last year. We had a very nice dinner and good conversation. I miss being able to talk to her on the phone. She always sounded so happy and excited, especially when talking about her girls and her family.

She is with our Lord and is no longer in pain. She will be missed by all of us. Please use this site and us as your support group. We are here for you and your family. I for one enjoyed hearing stories about Cathy and her family...

God bless, prayers and gentle hugs,


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I'm deeply saddened to hear this. Cathy kept her spirits up throughout...very seldom complaining but rather making the best of whatever her situation was at the time. In that regard she inspired all of us to do the same.

I'm so sorry for your loss, which must feel profound at the moment. :( Much as we can "know a person" thru cyberspace....the Cathy we knew, we loved.

My deepest sympathies to you and your family. We are all blessed to have shared part of this journey with her and there will be a bright new star in the heavens tonight. Her name will be CathyR.

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Dearest Caryl,

I just came home from a friends with Lung cancer who is in hospice and just had her last rights tonight, so I am really in a very somber state. And now this.

I just received your email and the posting about Cathy.

I am so incredibly sorry for Cathys passing. I am heartbroken but so glad it is finally over and she is pain free and feeling wonderfully free.

She was so special here and my deepest sympathy to all of Cathys family and friends and all who knew her here. She certainly was an inspirational to us all.

I never even knew Cathy was that sick as she never complained and I was so surprised when she mention in a posting that she was having Hospice come to her. She was amazing...and very stong willed...but I am sure you know that.

Heaven has now received a precious gift, a beautiful angel named Cathy.

Thank you Caryl for all your postings on keeping us updated through all of this.

Stay strong, peace be with you.


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Caryl and Family,

My heart is cetainly broken today. Cathy's was one of the very first "faces" I got to know here. It always brought a huge smile to my own.

Her upbeat words were of comfort to all of us. She filled us up with so much hope! She will be so missed.....to never be replaced.

May your family find comfort and peace together and know that Cathy's family here will have all of you close in thought and prayer.

How privileged I was to have been able to spend this moment in time with such a remarkable woman.

My very best to you all,


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