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Frank Update 07/ 20/05// No Singing Fat Lady Yet.

Frank Lamb

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Hello everyone.Spent most of monday & tuesday with x-rays,CT's,etc.

The tumor in the airway & at the stump where L.lung was removed had shrinkage but is still there.Other existing tumors (one in bottom r lobe,and one in middle) have not grown any.

There is a new tumor in top lobe that they feel sure is cancer but they are not positively sure yet.Going to wait and watch 3 more months to compare.

All 3 drs.(thoracic surgeon,rad onc,and chemo onc.)were really surprised that I looked so healthy and am being as active as I am because they all said my remaining lung is in pretty bad shape.Not much good lung left because of the tumors and lots & lots of scarring from the treatments.Their biggest concern is pneumonia,and the fact that options are very limited.Especially since mediastinal shift everything is all so close together.

So for the time being there have been no sightings of the singing fat lady in the neighborhood.

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Frank, you made our day.........

We were in NO mood for another fat woman in our life.......With Brian's odd food desires, I have that role covered.

Continued blessings, dear friend.

Pat and Brian

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Now, Frank, are you sure you don't want me coming up there to dance the hootchie-kootchie on your front lawn? I swear, you won't have to mow or get a new goat to keep the lawn under control afterward.

I can't sing worth a darn and wouldn't even try on your behalf, but I'll sure shake whatever I have to shake in order to help celebrate your being stable!!!

This is great. I hope you continue to thrive and feel well.


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Well done, Frank!!!! Very glad to hear you are continuing to surprise the medical experts!!!! I have been keeping you in my thoughts (prayers as well)as we PAers need to do!

I am concerned, however, after reading your reply in another forum. Is Connie keeping you SOB that you spoke with such authority on that "taboo" subject :roll: ?

My VERY best to you, Frank, for keeping on as you have.

(((Frank))) and (((Connie))) too!


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Glad to hear your report and I'm sure you'll keep surprising the docs with your energy and positive attitude.

I'm still watching our Canadian/U.S. border. Promise I won't let the Fat Lady anywhere near the U.S. Planning to send her way up North!

Gail p-m

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Meetcha at Cindi's pub for bud lights...This is cause to celebrate. Bet we can find many of the gang hanging out there. A couple members have offered to run the bar while Cindi is off struttin' her stuff in Chicago.

Frank you are a real inspiration. Keep up the good fight and we will do our best to keep the fat lady away.



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Happy to know you're keeping that singing fat lady outtathere!!!!!! Seriously, I'm glad you're feeling good and keeping on amazing those docs! They don't know everything, especially they don't know you!


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