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Hello everyone. I'm glad to have found this support community.

The first few weeks after my dad's diagnosis were the hardest. I felt like a zombie, and I could not even eat at all. I've been reading up on LC news and updates and it's really disheartening because of the statistics and the dire prognosis. There are, however, a few bright spots that give me hope, survivors in this community included.

My dad, at 58, is still fairly strong, but he stopped working after diagnosis and he pretty much stays at home the whole time.

I'm seesawing between hopefulness and resignation. Mostly, resignation.

I've been praying a lot though, and it helps.

Just wanted to say hi and take care everyone.

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Welcome to you Frances. If you feel despodent or resigned then this really is the place to be. You won't feel so isolated and will quickly learn that there are many many people here who are doing extremely well. They'll be along to welcome you shortly.


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Hi Frances, welcome to the site.

Please forget the statistics, they really don't tell the whole story. Most numbers are out of date by the time they are published, BUT the main reason to ignore them is that your dad may well help make up the numbers (whatever that may be) that survive!

Stay with that thought please, I've survived for almost 4 years and the odds weren't good when I started this journey either.

Take care


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Hi Frances and WELCOME!

There is a lot of hope with lung cancer - more than most people know.

I wish every lung cancer patient and caregiver knew about this site so they could see how many survivors there are, and even how long some of the ones that have advanced disease survive. It gets better and better every day. It seems there is a continual flow of new drugs, new treatments and new technology.

Stick with us and keep reading. You will have a lot of positive information to share with your dad.

Welcome, and God bless you!


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Welcome here, honey,

I will be sending prayers out to your dad on Monday. I pray his scans show good progress.

Keep us posted... and feel free at any time to come and vent. We are always here for you.


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I've been reading about your stories in the other topics too. I'm learning a lot.

I've been dreading the day the doctor will declare metastasis. I hope it never happens. Stable is good, I can live with stable.

Again, thanks so much everyone. It really sounds like I'm overreacting but I feel like crying again; there are so many people here fighting this battle, and although I'm thousands of miles away from most of you, I feel less alone in this. Take care everyone.

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Welcome and sorry about your dad.

Things will begin to make more sense, be less strange, and less scary day by day. I was dx almost 7 months ago with stage IV (had already spread to bone) and I thought I was doomed at first. But, I've been fine all this time and I don't feel doomed anymore. I don't think it's just denial or wishful thinking either. I think there's scientific reason to feel optimistic.

Sounds like your dad is in good shape otherwise and he'll be healthier just giving up the cigarettes! I really notice the difference.

Sending caring thoughts,


P.S. Are you a fan of Courtney Love or Nirvana? I ask because Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love's daughter is named Frances Bean.

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