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The Next Best Thing....

Fay A.

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My kids are not yet married, so I don't have Grandchildren. But I have recently become Great Aunt to triplets: identical twin boys and a baby girl born a several weeks ago. Babies are tiny-between 2 lbs 3 oz, and 3 lbs 10 oz-but all have been breathing on their own since about day 6, and they continue to thrive.

Another affirmation of the cycle of life, and I feel blessed to have been able to see these beautiful children enter the world.

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Like you, I don't have grandchildren, but am honored and delighted to be the "Great" Auntie to many

Loved your "affirmation of the cycle of life" comment. So glad that the triplets are doing OK on their own.

Keeping you close to my heart.

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Hi Fay,

Wow triplets, I guess that will keep you busy

helping out there. :wink:

There was an article in the paper of a couple that had two identical boys born and 1 girl. They said that is so rare.

Have fun with the babies :D


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Fay, this is wonderful! Seeing new babies always reaffirms my faith that God blesses us every day! I know that you just can't wipe the smile off your face when you look at these three precious babies!!! As already said, they certainly will be richly blessed with an absolutely wonderful GREAT Aunt!!!!

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First of all congrats on the babies :D

You mention the affirmation of the cycle of life. I had that feeling when my father was losing his battle with lung cancer.

I have 3 sons and a grandson, there were no little girls in my life. One month to the day before my father passed away I was blessed with a little grand daughter :D:D She is the light of my life, I've always found it amazing that she was born right before my father passed over, just when I needed her. I have a very special bond with her.


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