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Home and recuperating...


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...but not online much.

It still hurts quite a bit to sit in one position and my Cookie won't let me sit over five minutes without giving her some "sugar". Sure is hard to type with someone pawing at your hand and sticking her nose under the keyboard... :roll:

I will read when I can and post when I'm able, but for a while will be just veggin' out on the couch. Sure nice to have an excuse to stay in jammies all day, though...LOL

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Hi Becky,

So glad to hear from you. You actually sound good. Seems like you are getting waitied on and having a good excuse for just lounging around and vegging out. :D

I hope you have a speedy recovery and knowing you, you won't be down for long. You will bounce back and will get back to your old routine. So enjoy being pampered. As you deserve it.

Take care and know that I am thinking of you. :wink:


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Becky...I'm so glad you're home and back with us. I know what you love about hanging out in those jammies all day. Isn't it just the best feeling to know you can actually do that???? Hope you're feeling much better now and ready to let tose fingers do some long awaited rockin' and rollin' on your keyboard. Aren't puppy kisses one of God's greatest gifts????

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Glad you're home. You sound so much more like yourself again! :D

All my cats and dogs just LOVE it when there's someone to lie down and snuggle with. When I first came home from the hospital in January, I had two 80-90 pound dogs, and at least 3 of the 5 cats jammed in all around me on the bed! Very comforting. (Until I had to get them all off the covers so I could struggle out of bed to go to the bathroom! Amazing how heavy a cat can make himself when he doesn't want to move! :roll: )

If someone can run out and rent movies for you, two oldies I saw again recently and really laughed my head off over were "It's a Mad,Mad, Mad, Mad World" and "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum".


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