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Joels CT Results.....


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Okay, Miss Maryanne!!!!!!! I am singing too! Sorry :wink: . Who better than you guys to receive such GREAT news at this holiday weekend!!!! I am THRILLED for you!

Now, have a terrific weekend and be ready - as usual - with all that support you somehow muster up for everyone here!

Thank you and congrats!



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Well this news just might UP the liquor consumption for the weekend, eh? :wink: A few toasts to Joel's good health being made, perhaps? 8)

Congrats to you both and an oversized WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO. This is fabulous news!

By the time Cindi gets back to open up the Pub, there's gonna be a lot of parched people lined up. Think she'll lob cocktail onions at us? :lol:

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Okay Maryanne..

I am grinning from ear to ear...nothing inbetween but teeth! All the pearlies are glowing brightly as I read your update.

Now... let's get this party rocking! Frank does have a key to the back door..problem is not that he comes here alot..it's just that the bugger won't leave!!! :lol: (wouldn't have it any other way!)

Congrats Joel and Mar! Let's hear how you sparkeled things up for him, Mar!

love ya!

Cindi o'h (here's a coupla onions sploot sploot! all the way from yonder to thar)

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