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Getting to Know You - September 8


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I know...hard to believe in this mobile society, eh? :? But for the first 37 yrs. of my life, I lived all but a couple of years of it in the same school district...virtually a 15 block triangle. :shock:

Since 37 yrs of age, I've lived here...almost 22 yrs now.

Guess I'm not only a homebody...but a city/town loyalist too....eh? :wink:

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Born and raised in Philadelphia.

Vineland NJ for 6 months

Horsham PA for 29 years

Just moved to Montgomery Township in April '05.

Earl died within 2 miles of where he was born. Did do some moving around in between.

Of all his and my siblings, we are the only ones that stayed in the area. Guess we are just boring people.

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Born in Long Beach,CA.

Moved to Dallas, Texas @ 9 mos of age.

Age 15, moved to France.

Lubbock, Texas (the only thing good about Lubbock is that I met Jim there while he was in town working on a construction job.)

A whole bunch of little towns in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas when I travelled and worked with Jim on the water tanks.

Finally landed in Oklahoma City where we have lived since 1983.

(Jim was born and raised in Washington State and didn't have much good to say about the Southwest. Always wanted to move back to the Oregon coast one day but we didn't make it. Crum!)


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Born on Long Island, NY 1970

Lived in Hempstead, NY from 1970 - 1972

Moved one town away to West Hempstead, NY 1972 - 1990

Lived in Binghamton, NY 1990 - 1993 (lived in W. Hempstead on breaks)

Back to West Hempstead, NY 1993 - 1996

Moved in New York City, NY 1996 - 2000 (1 apartment)

Moved to London, England 2000 - 2002

Moved back to New York City 2002 - present (1 rented apartment, bought my current apartment in November 2003)

My mom Sharon - born 1944, lived in West Hempstead, NY until she was married (1966), moved to Hempstead, NY for 2 years and then back to West Hempstead until August 2004

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Ok, how freaky is it that Denise (niececola) and I went to the same college (Binghamton) at the same time and lived in the same dorm and had very similar majors and never met??????


1972-1990--Long Island NY

1990-1994--college at SUNY Binghamton (upstate NY)

1994-1998--law school in Atlanta Georgia

1998-2000--Burbank, CA

2000-2001--Beverly Hills, CA

2001-2003--Costa Mesa, CA

2003-2005--Irvine, CA

As of 1 month ago-- Anaheim Hills, CA, my first home purchase

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Born in Wolfe City (Hunt County), Texas

Grew up in Idalou, Texas

Lived in Lubbock, Texas

Lived in San Antonio, Texas

Now in Nashville, TN

I traveled a lot of places during that time, but kept one home base for the most part. San Antonio was and always will be a favorite, even though Nashville is a great place to live.

I'm one of those native Texans you hear about - true blue!


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Fun question.

Born in Minneapolis, MN

St. Louis Park, MN

Bloomington, MN

Richfield, MN for 3 months

St. Paul, MN

So, now you think I've spent most of my live in MN. Not so. We left St. Paul at the end of Grad. school (I was 28)

Then: San Diego, CA

Kent, OH - you've heard of Kent State 1970? We were there.

Norman, OK

Madison, WI

Pittsburg, PA

Kalamazoo, MI

Vienna and then Fairfax, VA

Orlando area.

Wanna guess my husband's occupation? Not athletic coach!

Muriel K

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Like this question.

Vero Beach, FL - 1 year

Ft. Pierce, FL - 2 years

Johnson City, TN - 3 years

Louisville, KY - 10 years

Charlotte, NC - 2 years

Birmingham, AL - 4 years (when home from college)

Knoxville, TN - 6 years (college)

Louisville, TN - 22 years

Southeastern girl, through and through.

Charlie has lived in the house he was raised in all but three years. We were in Married Student Housing while I was in grad. school and in an apartment for one year. Bought the old homestead and moved back in after the three years.

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Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana (22 years).

Two years in Zweibruecken, Germany (military)

Back to New Orleans for two years.

Detroit, Michigan, for 4 years (grad school)

Houston, Texas for two years.

Lafayette, California (Bay area), one year.

Houston, Texas for two more years.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for four years.

Houston, Texas for the rest of my life (32 years so far).


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Born in Wichita Falls Texas, moved to New Mexico, moved to Korea (Osan), moved to Japan (Okinawa), moved to Guam (U.S. territory), moved to Hawaii, moved to England, moved to North Dakota (Minot), moved to Germany (Geilenkirchen), moved to Nebraska (Omaha), moved back to North Dakota (Minot) moved to California (Bay Area then Davis then back to Bay Area), will live in Fort Collins Colorado next summer (3 months).

Don't even ask the names of states/countries I have visited on vacation.....


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Born in Americus, GA (no hospital where folks lived)

Grew up in Buena Vista, GA

Moved to:

Auburn, AL (college)

Columbus, GA (married)

Buena Vista, GA

Americus, GA (divorced)

Albany, GA

Columbus, GA

Memphis, TN

Buena Vista, GA (married)

Atlanta, GA (divorced)

Cookeville, TN

And may be moving back to ATL real soon.

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Hmmm...if I tell ya'll you might think I'm a gypsy...I better keep it to just states.

Missouri, Illinois and Minnesota.

But how I'd loooooove to move somewhere warm. But sure would miss fall in the midwest. I don't think there is anything like it!!!!

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