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I moved this post here, for this person had posted this message in the (General Disclamier Forum)




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Posted: Sun Sep 18, 2005 6:12 am Post subject: intro

hi i am new, my name is kim, right now i am going through chemo, for a mass on my adrenal gland, secondary to lung cancer, which i went through chemo and radiation , though i was clear and now this the chemo that i am on is called Pemetrexed( systemic ) and i have to take iron and have b12 shots to help with the side affects. i hope i am doing this right haha if not please let me know


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Hi Kim and welcome to our family.

You will find a wealth of information here along with support and prayers.

Anything you want to know just ask. If you want to vent we are here to lend you a shoulder to lean on.

Take care,


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i want to say thank you to everyone who replied to my new here thank you connie for helping me and for helping me find myself again on here hahahaha :):P i got a little loss. i have chemo today and i am feeling alittle under the weather, leg swelling is down some b/p is stable for now still have acough and i still have infection in one of my teeth plus my leg. on antibiotic for now. need to talk to my doctor today and see what he thinks before i have chemo. i was doing great until the new dx of the mass on adreanal gland now i am sooo scared :( and the chemo has me crying half the time. but i hang in there and pray so thats what keeps me going that and my 6 children all grown :) sometimes i feel everyone gets so sick of dealing with this cancer issue with me. and i shut down and just try to deal with it alone, so glad i have you guys!!!! i really am

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Hi Kim and Welcome. It sounds like you are getting the hang of things around here and we're glad to see you found your way back to your post. Glad you are doing better and getting your blood pressure under control, that's important. I was curious as to whether you have been diagnosed with small cell or non-small cell? I ask because my husband has NSCLC with a recently discovered met to his adrenal gland and there has been no offered treatment. Although the only symptom we have noticed, aside from spiking blood pressure, is hot/cold flashes and sweats that have escalated considerable in the past few weeks. We think this may be from the adrenal met, but are not sure. The adrenal controls such things as hormones, so your increased emotions may be the involvement of your adrenal along with everything else you are dealing with.

My best to you and we look forward to hearing more from you.

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Hi again Kim: I bet you are taking steroids. And as Rich B says, they do weird things to people. For me, it gave me a lot of initial energy and made it hard to sleep. Things will get better when you are done with chemo and off the steroids.

I am sorry your children are not more responsive to your telling them about chemo and how you feel. I did not talk much about chemo with my family, but I did not have a hard time with it either.

Also, I guess I would not have much patience with people who are put off about my cancer. I don't know if your children have that attitude or not, but anyway, I figure, that if I have cancer I can say and act pretty much any d--n way I please. As another member put it, I can't remember exactly who, she said "don't mess with the cancer lady".

I hope this chemo treatment knocks your cancer back to zero or way back at least.

Don M

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