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This is good!


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Had my Oncologist visit yesterday after another 2 rounds of Topo had been completed, and to get the results of the CT scan I had last Friday. I'm good to go!

She says I'm their "star pupil" in the oral Topo study I'm in! I'm happy to oblige, believe me!

Lab values are good - almost normal, amazingly enough. The only really low one was the WBC, and it was only a tad below the bottom "normal" range.

As to the scan, of what was there, it's either the same, decreased, or gone! And, the biggie - nothing new! YAY! This is always my main worry -- that they will see new things pop up, but so far, the Topo seems to be holding things at bay.

The doc says that since I'm tolerating this so well, we're going to stick with it, 2 cycles at a time, then scan, exam, etc. My gallbladder was a little distended, so that may mean another stone has formed and is trying to block the duct, but that's easily repaired if that's the case, so will just watch that over the next week or so, and check lab values next Tuesday.

All in all, she gave me another "A+" exam. I was very much relieved, because I kept wondering how long the Topo would be effective, was new spread going to begin to show up, and all that stuff. So far, so good.

The reality is that this disease more than likely will get ahead of me, but for now, I'm happy to be on target with my original goal -- to maximize my survival. I still feel good, all things considered, have continued to work FT the entire time since I was diagnosed with the exception of some time off for ERCPs x 2, and a day here and there.

Life is good.


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A wonderful report, Di. You have no idea how pleased I am for you!!!! And you know what? This disease may NOT get ahead of you, sweet lady!!! You may just stay right ahead of it for a VERY long time. I am holding onto that concept for you, Di.


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Nina - I can't really say I've had a bad time with side effects from this oral Topo. I have fatigue, as usual, and like most people do from any kind of chemo, but I'm managing that fairly well. I take the pills for 5 days (5 mg. per day, total of 25 mg. over a 5 day period) and then have 2 weeks off, then 5 more days of pills, 2 weeks off. I just started cycle #7 of this.

My counts have held up amazingly well throughout, and once my gallbladder/bile duct problems were solved, I've had no more tummy problems. I have the occasional ache and pain, but I'm 52, so that's somewhat normal - ha!

Honestly, I think that if I had to take 2 more days of pills I wouldn't feel as good. This is because on day 5 (which falls on a Saturday) I'm at home from work, and I veg out all day. By Sunday, I'm starting to bounce back. By day 5, I think the fatigue begins to catch up with me. That, or I'm just lazy all day because it's Saturday and I'm off work!

About the only odd thing I've noticed is that when I'm taking the pills and for a few days after, I'm a little burpy. Other than that, nothing to speak of.

I'm not taking any other medications, so if I have any strange side effects, we know it's from the Topo.

I know many people have real problems from Topo, but I'm apparently not one of them. At least not so far. I'll have another cycle after this one, #8, and then another scan to check progress. The Oncologist says that as long as I tolerate the Topo well, and it continues to work, we'll just stick with it. I'm for it!


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Life is good.

Yes it is, sweetie...and may it continue to be for a long, long time. So happy to hear this good news from you.....but really? Not surprised at all!

I understand the worry on your part...but from my perspective....you have the right attitude, an effective drug (Topo) and perhaps even a more effective means of receiving it (oral chemo).

You're a star, alright. Keep on shining. You light the way for a lot of us!

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