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Good morning my brothers and sisters.

Yesterday I went for my visit to the radiologist.

What a great guy I give him A++++++ he spent about an hour and a half with us answering any and all questions we had.

I will be starting full head rad. today Everyday for 13 days I have 1 spot that is about 2 cm. And the other 2 are just specs. This doctor was so up beat and had a great personality. The bottom line is he said my chances are 90% of me being totally clear by the time we are done. He totally expects full success with the treatments. He said I have to stop the chemo for a little while but I may start up again next week which is when I’m supposed to start up again anyway because I'm on my off week now. He told me the same thing as many of my friends here has said, I’m young, healthy & in shape. I asked about side effects, he said loss of hair (What hair) and some readiness on my head. I asked about fatigue and he said he don’t think that will happen. My wife asked about brain damage. He said he has treated at least 500 people and only 2 had any kind of brain damage and they also had open head surgery. The one thing I was upset about is they have to give me two permanent tattoos on the side of my head like freckles. I asked if I could get something more fancy and he laughed at that one. So we walked out of there a lot happier then when we walked in. But as I said before I get scared to let my hopes get to high anymore. Like today I go for my CT scan to see how the chemo is working on my adrenal glands and I’m very nervous. I need good news there so I can deal with the brain. I cant press enough about one thing to everyone, its good to read the internet and try to educate your self but don’t take everything to serious until you talk to the doctor. It will drive you nuts reading some of this stuff.

God Bless us all!!!!

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I am so happy that you have a good doc. It is really important to have questions answered. It sounds like the head radiation really does the job for people. I hope your next ct scan is positive. Prayers are on the way for that too. One day at a time and easy does it really helps. Nancy O.

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We also left the radiation onc's office feeling 100 percent better than when we went in. Last week when we found out about Hugh's mets I thought we had just been given a death sentence. I was so pleasantly suprised when the radiologist told us that the success rate was high AND that there are other options if this doesn't work (gamma knife and another I can't remember). He spent almost an hour with us explaining the chances of brain damage (almost nil) and long-term side effect (almost nil). Our only worry is that he told us that Hugh's facial numbness may never go away depending on whether or not the nerve is "bent or broke". Hmmm... I wonder why Hugh didn't have to have tatoos? We were rather expecting that but no one even mentioned it.

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Ray, so glad to hear your visit was so positive and you feel so much better. You seem like the neatest guy and I hate it when you're down. Doesn't it feel good to be doing something proactive? You wait, you will beat this thing. Sometimes God has a plan for us that requires a little bit of a journey through some tough stuff, but there's always something wonderful waiting at the end of the journey.

Dave and I went to the lawyers office this morning to sign our wills - we needed to do that anyway after becoming parents but his illness prompted us to get it done. Then he was meeting a guy I work with to show him one of our old cars we're trying to sell. So he's really on the upswing, too. He starts his PCI on August 15 and we've been wondering about it, so glad yours sounds so positive.

God Bless you and your Family, :D

Karen C. - David C.'s wife

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Dear Ray,

You've GOT IT!!!!

A Positive Attitude that IS. :D

I'm happy that you mesh well with your new doc. they can make all the difference in the world.....

You are so right about that internet stuff. Ya know, if you think about it what travels best, good news or bad news? Everybodys situation is different, just like our heath and bodies are in different condition.

I will continue to pray for more good news for you and all of my friends here. You a on the right track, keep up the good work.

Hugs, Shelly

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Hi Ray...Remember the words.."refuse to loose"! That's you! It's so nice to hear that things are going your way for a change. Keep that positive outlook and remember you are not alone in this fight.

As before, I will keep you and your family in my prayers. May God bless you.


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Ray, I'm so glad that you posted your good news-and it really is. You can do this, Ray!!! Oh, and I like Donnas idea a :) would be a cool tattoo on your head-maybe when rad. is done you could have the little dots converted into smiley faces!

Take care, and keep us posted, Deb

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Hey My Brother Ray,

Well my dear, here's my two cents worth. GO KICK THAT CANCER THE *ss!! BYE BYE CANCER CELLS!!!

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((BROTHER RAY))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

I here in your corner my dear! As we all are! You'll do just FINE!!

Stay strong and try and stay positive too!!

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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