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Hi Julie,

I am so sorry about your mom. I am glad you found this site because you will find a lot of support. My dad was diagnosed with small cell in August of 2004. He is still around doing quite well. One advice I can give you is that no matter what you just need to stay optimistic and positive for you mom.

When my dad recieved radiation he got really weak. He also became very dehydrated. He drank a lot of ENSURE throughout his treatment and still does. We did have some scares (dad in hospital last march). As of today he is fine and all we have to do is wait and watch.

Just know you are not alone....



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Welcome Julie,

I'm so glad you found us. If you could post a profile of your mum it would make it easier for us to help you. There are many here with sclc that would be more than happy to share information with you. The more we know, the more we can help. Just know you are in the right place for support, information and above all hope. Looking forward to knowing you better.


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I'm so glad you found us! This is a tough road to walk with our moms, but the people here offer such wonderful support and information that they have been a great source of strength for me.

When my mom was first digagnosed, we were told that chemo was not an option for her. Now, 8 months later, it is being offered to her. I've learned not to get locked into anything in this process--not statistics, progosis, time frames, etc. Each day is a new adventure!

Keep us posted on your mum.

:) Kelly

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Welcome Julie. This is a wonderful site with lots of supportive, caring people. The more we know about you and your mom the better we can help. If you read our profiles you will get the idea on how to fill out a profile for you and your mom.

Again, welcome.


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