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Blessing ABC's .......


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E-Encouragement that we give to those that are

in need of it.

Enthusiasm when all goes well after following a black

cloud for a while

Entourage that are there for you when you need it

End of sickness and start of health again

of worries when the results are good

of a treatment that went well


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K is for Karma - the real meaning, not the popular culture one of "what goes around, comes around." Karma, to a buddhist, means that one action sets another in motion. Your choice/action today directly influences the consequence you experience tomorrow.

Having "good karma" means thinking very carefully about the possible future outcomes of a choice before you make it. Think before you speak, look before you leap. If you choose to act unwisely, don't be surprised that your action will result in an unpleasant consequence.

Wishing us all good karma!


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I was blessed with the oportunity of meeting all the caring and compassionate people here on this site..I have made many friends and hope to continue praying, sharing, and laughing together. Mark is with Our Lord but I remain here to help and comfort any way I can..Thanks for the opportunity to share, grieve and pray and hope with all of you...

Donna :wink:

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