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Oncology Appointment Report on Brian


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Well, once again, we received bad news.

Doctor said Brian's liver enzymes are out of control. Based on that, the other labs and Brian's clinical presentation Doc said NO more Alimta. He said Brian's disease continues to progress rapidly. He is going to try to stop the progression w/ Navelbine and even tho Brian's nueropathy is very concerning he is going to give him a low dose of carboplatin w/ the Navelbine. Brian recived that today and will get it repeated for 2 more weeks. Then 1 week off. We are scheduled to see doc again on 12/8, but he told me to call him anytime.

Brian has pain while swallowing now, but doc said the true concern is the liver tumor. It seems to be completely taking over and that is what is causing the abdominal pain that put him in the hospital a couple weeks ago. Doctor always told us that the liver tumor would be the worst of this journey for Brian. He was right.

Brian is visibly going down hill. He has some perkier moments but over all the trend is downward. My heart is aching and I am scared silly. At least he got some IV decadron today and his nuelasta. That always gives him a boost. He is napping, but I bet we will have a nice evening. I am counting on it.

Brian remains determined and optimistic. I will back him up relentlessly.

Please continue prayer.

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I've been looking for a post from you the last couple days....wondering how Brian was feeling. I'm so sorry that the doctor didn't bring any better news.

It hurts to read how your heart aches and how scared you are.

My heart is breaking for you Pat. Continue to enjoy each and every day sharing the deep love you have for each other. (As if I have to tell you that.)

I hope Brian wakes from his nap and you have a wonderful night together.

Sending you strength and hugs ((Pat)) :D



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Pat and Brian,

I am praying for a miracle for you guys. I have a prayer list written in a book and you guys are at the top. We just have to have faith that God has a plan and that He knows best (hard as that is sometimes). I am praying for strength, comfort, courage and healing. Love and hugs to both of you.

Nancy B

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