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A New Oncologist


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We met yesterday with our new onc and can't believe the difference. He spent almost 2 hours with us, was extremely detailed and thorough and very kind and caring. About halfway through, when he was examining Joel, he put his hand on his shoulder, looked him in the eye and said "I'm so sorry that this has happened to you and that you're having to go through this. I will do everything I can to help you and make life better for you." My eyes instantly filled with tears. When the dr left the room for a few minutes, Joel said "Do you know that's the first time in all of this that a medical person has said something like that to me?" It was so powerful and both of us felt like a huge weight had been lifted from us and that we had a friend and ally and that Joel is not just a patient file.

He was very straightforward, not wildly optimistic but has a plan and told us to call him any time of the day or night. Joel is having a complete body and brain scan, MRI of the jaw and mouth and bone scan to find out where we are. He finishes radiation on Monday and will start carboplatin/Gemcitabine on Wednesday.

Sorry so long, I'm just feeling so much better, I had to share. If I have learned anything from this, it is to listen to your gut and change drs if you're not getting the support and care you deserve.


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Pam I am thrilled by your post. You guys are so lucky such a compassionate doctor. There are plenty of them out there, Iam just glad that you took the inactive and search out another doctor, that he turns out to be just what you were looking for. Look at the difference in Joel's attitude already,

Way to go... Keep us posted on these tests. Fingers crossed for good ones.


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You did the right thing and you know that you did. That has to be a wonderful feeling. You have to be aggressive with your health care. It is wonderful that you found another oncologist. Prayers.


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There are some wonderful human beings out there who also wear a doctor's white coat. I'm SO GLAD you and Joel finally found one. Having a doctor who really, really cares about you as a person makes such a huge difference.

May his medical skills be as successful as his personal skills! Sending caring thoughts and strength to you and Joel! You're on the right track!


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Pam -

That is GREAT news. Having a "plan" will change so much for you emotionally..and of course a doctor you can relate to. A lot of people on this board have had good results with gemzar/carbo (it is what my mom is doing right now.) My mom has had two full cycles with no side effects (and had it with radiation) to date (no hair loss, no nausea, no excessive fatigue, just pretty tired the day she gets both drugs - Day One.)

I am really happy for you guys!


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I was so happy to read your post. I love to read about GOOD doctors. Just the fact that he spoke to your husband as directly as he does says a LOT. This sounds like a GREAT doctor.

When I was first diagnosed, I had HORRIBLE doctors. They wouldn't even tell me I had cancer. They left it to my husband. Can you image anything worse than that?

I'm so glad you're in good hands. That's half the battle. Now don't forget to keep fighting, OK?????

Best Wishes,


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