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My Turn....

Fay A.

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Thank you all for your encouragement. I had gone to the hospital to pick up my xrays from Friday along with the reports (Friday had film studies to rule out left side broken ribs and torn rotator cuff in shoulder), but neither the films nor the reports were in. I needed them for my appointment with the Onc yesterday for the first day of chemo. So I came back the next morning to get them, and the report was still not signed by the reading radiologist, same reason I couldn't get the report on Monday. I did get the films, but my Onc is NOT a radiologist. The Hospital told me they would do what they could to get the report signed by another radiologist and faxed to my Onc before my 10:30 appointment. They didn't do it.

The idea of chemo side effects with broken ribs is not necessary a good thing. But I decided to go ahead with the first chemo anyway.

I get home and the doc who ordered the chest and rib series had called twice wanting me to call him back asap. I did page him and it turns out that there is a "funny looking mass" on a rib that is either a displaced bone fracture or possible met from the cancer or both. There is a large area of "thickening" on the lung that is either bleeding or tumor. So I need a CT Scan. My doc didn't follow through on this on Monday, as he usually would have done, and he apoligized to me for failing to do so. For those of you who have brand new first grandbabies you'll understand his distraction.

What bothers me is the hospital did not notify my Oncologist, too, after assuring me that they would.

My Onc is closing her practice at this same hospital, and will work out of her office in Solvang five days a week. It's a longer drive to and from appointments, but that's okay. Better to be in a clean and competent environment for everyone: The Onc, Nurses, and Patients.

Just frustrated that this was not reported to my Primary Doc on Friday as it should have been done.

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Finally read the xray report. It's not too clear, but whatever the problem is it is a 3cm by 4cm mass. Here's hoping that there is a plain old broken rib and 3 by 4 hematoma and not a met on the rib that caused the fracture. CT is tomorrow afternoon.

I don't know how much longer I'll be able to type. I've had only the first round of Taxol and Gemzar, and tonight my hands are going numb.

Just in case I can't "say so" on line for a bit, I wish you all well.

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Fay: I wish you well as you go through more treatment and I hope that the mass is just conglomerated bone or something. I sense that you are beginning to cope somewhat by attending to the details of your treatment and scan... it helps one stay focused. Bless you Fay.. You really deserve a some peace and quiet rhythm in your life. I will drum for you tonight.

Don M

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Been so wrapped up in my own latest incident, I didn't know you were going through all this. (((Fay)))

Cindi's right...this calls for something illegal! I think any jury would let you off even on a murder rap after all this. Looking for a rubber chicken whose neck you can ring.

We love you and want things to start going right for you. I hope the time when you can look back on all of this and have it just be a distant memory will come very soon. The sooner the better!


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My dear Fay,

This SUCKS big time!! I don't even know what the heck to post here. It seems to be one thing after another with you. :cry: You just can't seem to catch a break and that is so frustrating. I just cannot believe everything you are going through and you seem to take it with a grain of salt.

I know I would be hysterical as I am such a baby when it comes to coping with fear and pain. You on the other hand seem to handle these setbacks with such a fighting attitude. You are the energizer bunny, you keep going, going and going, you never give up!! I LOVE YOU COURAGE. :D You are such an inspiration here.

I, like everyone here admire that courage and strength you have to keep nipping these deterrents in the butt!! You must have the broadest of shoulders as these set backs are such a heavy load for anyone to carry. But you keep on fighting and I admire you so much for that.

I am also concerned that your workers are leaving a mess there. I want you to be very careful, we certainly do not want you to slip and fall. :shock: Also, please be careful not to breathe in to much of that residue that is floating around your kitchen.

I am really worried about you. I just want things to start changing for the better. It has too, there is always that light there at the end of that tunnel, we need you to start seeing it.

I have a special candle lit for you for healing.

I am praying so hard that his is a rib problem and not LC. You need a break here (no pun intended) and for things to start turning around in your favor.

Mega prayers going out to you.


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Oh Fay,

I'm sooo sorry. Better late than never. I wish and pray for relief for you. By now you have had the chemo and I hope your not sick w/ it. Hang in there girl. Good luck and take care.



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