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Two Quarts Low


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Well, I haven't been posting much since I am in my busy season at work. As always, with so many people on the board having setbacks, I almost hate to whine about my problems, when they seem so small compared to the enormity of what others are going through. Hopefully, somebody can get something out of my whining.

I've been feeling increasingly dizzy and have been confusing things, forgetting things, people's names that I know like my own. The fear grabs me while I go through the alphabet, trying to remember the name of someone, hoping if I say the letter in my mind, it will trigger the name I'm looking for. On occasion, I can't even remember the names for things. Sometimes I have to come back in the house 3 or 4 times in the morning because I'm forgetting stuff, and then I forget what stuff I'm forgetting so I go back out in the car and then remember and come back in. Then I get something and go back out but its still not what I forgot to begin with. That's only the tip of the iceberg. Suffice it to say, I'm like a sitcom. I can't believe I remember to take my son to school every morning! :shock:

I'm working 6 days a week, sometimes more than that and working 10-12 hour days since before Thanksgiving, and have 3 weeks to go. So its hard to distinguish whether all this is from menopause (I have forgetfullness normally, its just escalated), stress at work, or something else. The something else, of course, is courtesy of those goblins that start gnawing at you, the ones that come from the place in you that you think you have overcome, but you really have just learned to ignore the whispers most of the time.

Anyway, I was on my way to work this morning and surrended to my goblins, and went to the ER instead because the dizziness was really bad today. The doctor was from NY too, so he gave me this big hug and then he said he was going to give me the "family" treatment and ordered the works. I had an EKG, a chest Xray, a brain CT and complete bloodwork. Everything was fine. He ended up saying that I was severely dehydrated so he gave me an IV to get fluids into me. I'm thinking that I didn't drink that much this week, I usually drink alot of water but when its busy at my job, I switch into high gear and its all about the work.

So I got my fluid and a note forbidding me to work until Monday, so I actually have 2 unplanned days off that the doctor made me swear I would do nothing but rest in :roll: . That's really hard to do since I only have 2 days off before Christmas after I go back to work on Monday, but I am going to try to rest. Somewhat. My mind is actually still going 100 mph from work and with everything that needs to get done at home. But hopefully I can actually catch up with the board, I try to read but this time of year its in bits and pieces.

Oh, and I became a grandmother for the 5th time yesterday. My daughter had a baby boy, and both are doing fine - that's 2 new grandbabies AC (after cancer!) :)

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Congratulations on another grandbaby Debi! You look WAAYY TOO YOUNG for that, but I'll take your word for it.

Ginny has excellent advice. Just discussing this with friends lately. Told them I have to put post-its everywhere, like "GET OUT OF BED", "GO TO SLEEP", "DOGS OUT TO PEE"......see, now don't you feel better!?

Thank goodness for dehydration!


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I am so glad you got checked out. Geez hasn't the bottled water thing hit Okieland yet? Start taking a couple to work and make yourself finish them throughout the day. Forgetfulness seems to just come on once we hit the big 4-0 and continues to take us down. :lol:

What an adorable baby Debi...what's his name?

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I feel your fear, believe me. It GRIPS me most days! Wish there was a way to be able to really put it away without it creeping out from under every bush, lamp, chair, computer, you name it, you know?

Anyhow, glad you are A-OK! And congrats on a new grandbaby. You are now tied with me :lol: !

IMO....maybe you just NEED to take a LITTLE more time for yourself this season. As difficult as it may seem, it probably would be the wise thing to do!


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Hey, it's good to see you post, but don't be scaring me with those kinds of symptoms!!!! I'm so glad that it was easily solved by getting some fluids and some rest.

That forgetfulness thing, though, I swear it's so frustrating...and I'm doing it too. I'll head to the basement, get there, and then stand in the middle of the room and wonder what I was headed there to do. But, it comes to me, and when I think about it, during my trip down the stairs, I was thinking about a thousand different things that needed to be done after my trip to the basement.

I'm in a busy time at work now too, and that's what my thoughts are filled with, and when April gets here and this busy time is over for a while, I keep telling everyone that if they want to know what I look like, they better get a picture of me, cuz I'm going to be use some of that vacation time that I don't seem to be using much right now.

It's gonna be golf courses and my garden for me....Yes! Those thoughts are getting me through, and in the meantime, we've had snowstorms already here, so it's looking like we're going to have a long winter. Might as well be busy at work.

Anyway, please keep drinking your water, and the forgetfulness thing will lessen, but, hey, we're at that age when it's not going to go away.

Congratulations on that new grandbaby....I can't believe it that you have 5...that's cool.

Take care,


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Debi,first of all I'm glad everything checked out OK.That is first priority.

So far as the memory thing goes well mabe you recall in one of my earlier posts(last month I think) imagine mowing the back yard and finding your old station wagon :shock::roll:

Congratulations on Grannyship again,I have 5 grandaughters and they are all very special to me.Also have my first great grandchild due in July 06.

Please keep yourself stocked with water and mabe carry a pencil & notepad with you. :idea:

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Congratulations GRANDMA!! :D:D Such a pretty pretty handsome GUY!! Oh So Happy for You!

So, here's my two cents on the memory issue. It's much easier blaming it on a Senior Moment, then going through all the hassle of Not DRINKING and having to be re-fueled for Goodness Sakes! Are you sure you weren't hitting Frank's Stash of Budlite? To much of that stuff will cause Memory problems too!! :lol:

Girlfriend, you have to start doing things the EASY way!! :roll::P:wink:

Sure am glad to hear it was nothing serious.

Now, Clink, Clink, Clink, Clink, lets Drink, Drink, Drink, Drink and Enjoy the Holidays!

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Hi Debi,

A big congrats on the birth of you grandson. He is adorable. Wow, 5 grandchildren, I am so jealous.

I am so glad you went to the ER to have yourself checked out and thank G-d it was just dehydration. Now you have no choice but to rest a bit. :)

I am going through that forgetful thing, really bad also, that it scares me. Sometimes I think I am beginning to get Alztimers. I really have to learn to write things down. But I hate what you are saying about forgetting things then going back to retrive it and not remembering what it was you forgot. That is so frustrating. Maybe it is menopause. I hope so.

You wanna laugh. Last week, I took clothes out of the dryer. Left it on the counter and was going to fold it later. Well, later I saw it there I wound up putting it into the washer and rewashed it. :shock: Go figure :roll:

Anyway, I am so glad you are doing better.

Enjoy your new grandson!!

Maryanne :wink:

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Those symptoms are really scary - and as I read them I was really worried about you. So glad you got it checked out and are ok. I had people yelling at me about drinking water for years. Well I finally started doing it and it's pretty good. Can't drink the tap water here - tastes awful - but bottled water is yummy. Try it.

Muriel K

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Debbi...I looked at the subject line in your post and thought...hmmm..two quarts low...what could that be...You are a trip lady and I love it..

Neway...I was holding my breath till I got to the near end of your post...I am sooo happy it was what is was and could be fixed...wheww!!!...Glad you got checked out..feels good to know all is OK..

On the other hand....about forgetfulness....HELLLOOOO....

try finding your butter in the microwave and your milk in the cabinet from the night before..

Ha...yikkes...funny NOT!!!

Your grandson is precious...what a beautiful child...God Bless Him and congrat's on being a grandma again...Wish it were me...Just one for me...but I am very very grateful for him...

A little post script here ...try to slow down girl...not worth it

Ok back to the drawing board...

hugs to all....PamS.

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I am glad you were just a few quarts low on fluid. I think my memory has gone to heck myself. I like the post it note idea, now if I can just remember to get some post it notes.

So happy you got a good report. Part, if not all, of your problems are your working conditions this time of year. It is a hectic season at best and with the hours you are having to work...give yourself a break. If all you do is forget a few things then you are doing well.


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Debi: congratulations on your new grandbaby.

I forget stuff all the time just as you described. the dizzy part would scare me though. I guess it must have been from working too hard and not getting enough water. I hope you carry bottles around with you now and keep yourself topped off.

Don M

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