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PET/CRT Tomorrow


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I get my first mid-Chemo PET/CRT tomorrow. The post op/pre-Chemo PET/CRT concerned me wondering what all would light up. Fortunately just one lymph node. We already knew two others L-8 Medinstatim(sp) were cancerous. So stayed IIIA.

To most here these follow-ups to check the progression or regression is old hat for you. In the short while I've been here your experiences have helped me learn so much and look on LC as a process versus a death sentence.

I think everything will be okay. Of course most people call me Pollyanna.

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Hey Bill,

Good luck to you. I will be anxious to hear the results...hope you don't have to wait too long.

Now as to these followups getting to be old hat!!!!! NO WAY is that how it is for me. I go in early January for scans and tests. I was dx in Sept. 04 and had surgery Jan. 05. So you can see in my profile how many followups and scans, etc. I have had. I STILL get VERY fussed up. So, my dear new friend, you are not alone by a long shot.

Will be looking for your results.


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To most here these follow-ups to check the progression or regression is old hat for you

It gets easier each time for me, but I am always one frayed nerve away from ...whatever...right up until the moment the scans news is explained to me! :roll:

We're with you! Here's sending all strength and caring thoughts your way!


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All of you guys are great. Unbelievably so.

The Pet Scan broke so it is rescheduled for Friday after they get the new parts for it in. Results still to be read Tuesday 12/27 by Onc. I guess the Rabbit's foot jinxed the PET Scanner.

...cute baby!! xoxo


I was really flattered until it dawned on me you were speaking of my granddaughter.

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