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The Year Of Jokes For 2005 // Thank You Everyone

Frank Lamb

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Welcome to a new year everyone.

It is my belief that humor & laughter even in the face of adversity is usually a good thing.In view of tragedy and loss of life however there is nothing humourous about it.

Therefor,in respect and honor of the highest degree to all the members who have passed on due to this disease in past years.To all their spouses,family loved ones,and friends.Instead of a month ending vote of who told the best jokes (usually always the ladies anyway).I would like instead to ask each and everyone of you that visits this forum to instead of placing a vote.Please take a minute or two and bow your head in silence and remembrance for all those we have lost as well as their loved ones left behind,and those that are suffering and very sick now whether due to the disease or the treatments.

December 2005 was again a very funny month in the laughs forum and will continue to be in this new year.A GREAT BIG THANK YOU TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED.

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Thank you for this post, Frank. I so much appreciate all the prayers that have been said to God for me in the past 5 months, and all the prayers that were said for Don before his passing.

I am praying, and will continue to pray for all those suffering because of this disease and the loss of loved ones.

Dear God,

Bless them all with your love, each and every one.

In Jesus name,


Love to all,


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Please Please let the light of hope and love illuminate us all and fill all our hearts with healing.

May strength be given to those in this fight for breath and life.

May rest come easily to the ones weary.

May the researchers find the keys that unlock a cure.

May the doctors and the nurses who help us all as we wage this battle be valiant and egoless. Bless them for listening and caring.

Let us all pool our tears together and create a memorial fountain for the ones we love who are with us and have gone to a greater place of no more pain and needles. God knows I can contribute,

And Finally, let my anger be best served through positive advocacy and research to always be a plusin my Dad's life, in the lives of my dear new friends here at LCSC and to never be a negative.

Hugs of healing all around,


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My prayer said,

I want to thank you for your

touching post.

Bring Us into Your House

(John Donne)

Bring us, O Lors God, at the last awakening,

into the house and gate of heaven,

to enter into that gate and dwell in that house, where there shall be no darkness nor dazzling,

but one equal light; no noise nor silence,

but one equal music; no fears nor hopes,

but an equal possession; no ends nor beginnings,

but one equal eternity, in the habitations of Thy majesty and Thy glory, world without end.


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Frank, that was so beautiful. here's the one that popped into my head, along with some beautiful and handsome, smiling faces...

May all being have happiness, and causes of happiness

May all beings be free from suffering, and the causes of suffering

May all beings never be parted from freedom's true joy.

May all being dwell in equanimity, free from attachments and aversions.

not sure where it's from, some of my yoga teachers close class with it.



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Thank you Frank. Your post is heartfelt and I would like to thank you for all you do in this forum . We all know the reason we are here and I want to thank you for bringing laughter to lighten our hearts, oftentimes, when we need it most.

Adding my prayers to all the rest . To families of members we have lost and prayers to all families continuing this fight -May God be with us all.



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Thanks for opportunity to remember, Frank. This Laughs forum can be a true refuge from the storm, so to speak. I, for one, appreciate it. And I appreciate you, Frank. You are one of a kind, a true gift to all of us. And yes, may we ALL be blessed and comforted today and all days.



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