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Dad with stage IV NSCLC with met to the brain


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Hi everyone,

My dad was diagnosed with lung cancer in September of 2005. He had a tumor 7cm x 5cm in his left lung. He had a pet scan done and it showed that there was no spread. He had surgery to remove the tumor and while he was in the hospital after his surgery he was acting very strange. I would tell his surgeon and he would just say that it was the medications that were making him act goofy. The next few days he wasn't getting better so I brought it up again and they decided to do a CT. A few hours later the doctor calls me to tell me that my dad had a mass in is brain. I was in shock how could that be since he had a pet scan and nothing showed up. I found a great doctor at the University of Chicago and I had him transfered the next day. That same week he had brain surgery to remove his tumor which was 6cm large. The surgery was successful but the doctor said that he saw another mass on the other side of the brain on the MRI that was very tiny and that my dad needs whole brain radiation. We saw a radiation doctor at the University of Chicago and he said that my dad will need 14 treatments of radiation and in two months they will do another MRI and if they see that the mass grew they would do gamma knife to kill it. After he completes his radiation he will start on chemo. From what I hear my dad's oncologist is a very good doctor and when I asked him if my dad had a chance he said he thinks he does it all depends on the person and how they react to treatment. Later that week I saw another doctor which is not affilated with the university of chicago and he started giving me stastics on how long people survive with stage IV lung cancer. After that it had totally brought me down. My dad is 53 yrs old and is doing pretty well so far. The reason why I'm writing is to find out if there are people out there who have been through the same thing and survived more then what statistics show and if anyone has survived more then 5 years. I feel pretty positive but I don't know sometimes if it's just denial.

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Beta, welcome to the group. We are sorry you needed to look us up.

Read the signature below the posts of people. You will see their individual battles and how there are many with Stage IV dx that are still here and kicking. Your father's age is going for him. So is the fact he has a loved one like you pulling for him.

Our prayers are with you.

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FORGET the statistics...you just can't depend on them as every single person is completely different. There are great success stories and tough stories...you just have to be informed as possible and get through treatment. Many, many people with stage IV do well, and loving support and faith DO make a difference.

I am glad you found us... you will get not only incredible support here but a great wealth of information.

Welcome! Holly

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Hi and big welcome..

(the smart ones are Rich and Frank from all the bud lites they pound down!)

Your Dad has some very serious disease going on, no doubt about that. Many of us survive it. Many of us do not. Great advice regarding the love, support, faith and prayers besides his youth and obvious good looks!!!

Read as much as you can, ask questions. There are many who have had the treatments that you are speaking of.

We are here to help you in any way that we can.

It sounds as if you are a great advocate for him and pretty darn smart yourself. You will be great in his corner.

Cindi o'h

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Welcome: I hope your dad responds well to treatment. there is a good chance that he will have quality years ahead of him.

When it comes to cancer, denial isn't all that bad of a state of mind.

Doctor says, "you will die of cancer in 6 months". Patient says, "No I won't".

If it wasn't for denial maybe the patient would have been dead in 6 months.

Don M

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Welcome. Your Dad sure has been through a lot! I have survived more that 5 years, although my circumstances were not the same as your Dad. I say I am not a statistic. I am a person and so is your Dad. He is already a survivor! Please keep us posted. Donna G

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Hi and WELCOME!!!

First and really only... DONT LISTEN TO STATISTICS!!!

Sounds like your Dad has a chance, lots going for him rather than against him. Stage IV is not always as bad as it sounds at times. Many many on here have been here a long time with stage IV. Just put your boxing gloves on and prepare for the fight. Your Dad will need you as well as the treatments from the docs. Just learn all you can and stay on top of what is going on and why. Dont be araid to ask questions. I am a true believer in the phrase "Knowledge is Power".

We are here and you will find that someone on here can help you with whatever is troubling you. Someone has been there, done that. No question is dumb, so jump on in and become part of the bestest support group of ANY KIND on the web!!

Again welcome


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Hello Beat,

Sorry to welcome you, but you got the best forum

for information and support that exist.

Statistics are only figures that are proven wrong


You are a good advocate for your father and stay that way it will help him along his treatments.

Keep us posted during his treatments, please.

Now I will say Welcome.


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The two things I have learned in a very similar situation:

#1) Attitude (aka addietude here ) is everything with the patient. Your dad must have a very strong will to endure the treatments and roller coaster.

#2) You must advocate and stay informed.

Sounds like you are on the right track..

Much love and prayers to you both. If you need anything, please ask!!

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Tell your dad to keep his chin up.

He has a lot going for him, and there's every possibility he'll do just fine.

As Cindi says, some of us are still here, and some of us are not, but it all boils down to attitude.

Sounds like you're doing everything you can be doing -- except ignore the stats. They're based on old data, and more and more people are surviving now -- which won't show up in the stats for another 7-8 years.



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Welcome. I am fairly new here as well and I have to tell you the best advice I received so far is "Ignore the statistics". Oh, they will zap your precious energy. I'm so glad you found the board, the support you will receive here is just incredible. Stay positive for your dad and yourself, it's amazing where a little faith will take you.


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I am sorry to hear about your father but wanted to say welcome to our little family. You will find loads of info here. Whatever you are feeling at the time, someone here has traveled in your shoes. Stay with us and keep us informed of your progress while we travel this road together. We will cry with you or laugh with you. Just let us know what your needs are. The best advice I can offer you is to take it one day at a time and don't read between the lines. No need to borrow trouble.

I want to echo what the others have said....Ignore The Statstics. They Are Only Numbers. Your father is a human and not a number.

Again, Welcome.

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