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They are amazing...


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God and my mama that is...

Wow, what a day. Mom came through the 4 hour brain surgery just great! The surgeon told us that he removed the necrosis and also found tumor there, so he did implant 35 brachytherapy seeds. He indicated that he did see that 2 of her old mets were growing, so he thinks there will be more surgery for her later, but it went great.

We did get to see mom in NPCU and we had prepared ourselves for the worst. What we found was totally different. The ventilator was out and all she had on her face was oxygen. I told her that we are all so proud of her and she spoke "I'm pretty proud of myself." She was saying a few other things which didn't really make sense, but I found it totally amazing that she just had brain surgery and was talking.

I am in awe..

My brother, SF and I agree that we will not tell mom about the other 2 mets until she is well on her way to recovery in rehab.

I am so blessed to have God in my life, amazing me at every turn.

Thanks for all of the prayers-they worked!!!

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God is good and Jesus carried her through this surgery. Give her a big hug from me and let her know I am just so proud. She is one tough cookie. When she is up to it, maybe you can teach her how to use the computer and we can can hear from both of you. :)

I am just so very happy for both of you. I know how you were stressing. The hard part is over, now for the healing. Please keep us posted on her progress and healing...

God Bless, prayers and hugs,

Love Ya,


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Lori, so very happy and relieved to hear that things went well for your mom. Thanks so much for letting us know. Please remember to take really good care of yourself. All this stress and worry can really pull you down. Keep us posted.

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