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OK, went to the GP and the oncologist today (boy, was I tired when I got home). Both are extremely pleased with my outcome. Seems they both think I'm a bit of a walking miracle. The oncologist has a friend who wants to review all my case history to write about me for the cancer community. He said what happened to me was so extremely rare that he felt it deserves to be shared. He had never seen a case where a fistula sort of "explodes" 3 years after treatment. But I am getting stronger every day. I have exercises to do and hopefully I'll be able to stay awake longer during the day. I guess when you're in an induced coma your body gets really used to resting ALOT. Well, now it's time to Move MY BUTT. So I guess I have to swear off OPRAH and DR.PHIL :lol::lol: It feels good to be back. And Brian sure can do without OPRAH and Dr. Phil!!!!!! :wink:

Joanie :lol::lol:

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wow, just seeing your screen name and that "hooray" which was clearly YOU, and not Brian (though we love him) brought joy to my heart.

we always knew you were one-of-a-kind. now, I guess, the medical literature will too! :lol:

keep up the GREAT work. you are absolutely incredible.



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I have always felt you were a miracle...right here on this board!! Oh yes I did! You wrote me a LONG time ago with hope and I clung to that and still do.

I hope it is only fatigue you must deal with and that you soon catch up on all your rest. You are certainly a woman who should have novels written about - and perhaps that will happen in the medical journals :lol: .

Love and my very good wishes, Joanie,


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Joanie! So glad the news is good. There must be a nice mall around where you could do some walking. :lol: Hey a little power shopping is good exercise. Glad you're getting some strength back. We always knew you were special but getting written up in a medical journal is no way to get your 15 minutes of fame! All the best Joanie.

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What a name to have to live up to!

Miracle is great, but walking puts the pressure on! Go Joanie. I am so glad that things turned out for the good for you. We were all pretty worried. I can say that now that you are out of the woods. Great to have you back, Joanie!

Cindi o'h

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