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Please send good thoughts for Charlie & Tina


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I got a PM this morning from Tina. It seems Charlie has been having a rough time for a few days. His coughing has been out of control and she has not been able to convince him he needs to see the doctor. Let's all remember them in our thoughts and prayers as they go through this difficult time.

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(((Tina and Charlie))),

You are in my thoughts. That uncontrollable coughing needs to be checked out. Wondering how Charlie's breathing is. It seems this has been an ongoing problem for Charlie. Did he have recent radiation or a new chemo ? If I remember before it was a nonproductive cough and fever... If SOB is associated, I would sure suspect pneumonitis which has to be treated with prednisone. Whether it is pneumonitis or whatever it is, it sure should be checked out. Will be keeping you in my prayers.

Love, Sue

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Thanks for all the support, advice and prayers!

Charlie is getting a little better everyday. Some recent history: He had a virus or something that started all of this coughing, fever, congestion, etc. The onc. took bloodwork and the pulm. took an X-ray, did breathing tests, etc. and emptied the pharmacy with prednisone, antibiotics, and allergy medicine. Then, his ear got infected and I got him in to see the ENT this past Tuesday and now he is on fungal medicine. All of this has been a stress on him and he is still coughing and feeling fatigued.

I did talk to the onc. today from work and to Charlie. Charlie thinks its just a slower process getting over this original infection and its going to take time. The dr. wants to hold his chemo. this next week and we are scheduled to see the dr. next Friday.

Please keep him in your prayers! Have a nice weekend. Take care.

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I am sorry to hear that Charlie has had such a rough go of it. Is the fungal infection just in his ear or is a component to the respiratory infection he has had. I am on my second course of Levaquin 500 mg and Diflucan 100 mg a day because my immune system is so out of whack that I get both a bacterial infection and a fungal infection every time I catch anything. If the medication he is receiving for the ear is a topical drop treatment it won't work on any fungal infection he may have in his mouth, throat or lung.

Prayers for you all.

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