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2/10/06 Fay A., Update

Connie B

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Hello All,

I just spoke to Fay's daughter and she said, that Fay has been moved out of the hospital and into a Hospice Facility today. :cry::cry:

Fay's husband will call me after things settle down and will give me an update at that time.

Again, please keep our Dear Friend Fay A., in your thoughts and prayers as well as her family.

Her daughter was very tearful when I talked with her today. :cry:

I have to say, I too am very tearful and very sad that this has happened to our Fay. Fay and I have been LC buddies for over 6 years. I never thought this day would come for our Fay, because she ALWAYS BEAT THE BUMPS that got in her way. Fay is a very wonderful friend and I hate to see her go through this. :cry::cry::cry: I know she will do this with great courage and dignity.

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she is, and will always be, a beautiful spirit, whatever the rest of her road on this earth consists of. I pray for her comfort, she's been through so much and yet never stopped fighting.

Connie, I can only imagine how hard this must be for you. I hope Fay knows she how much she is loved and cherished here. I'll keep her in my prayers, as always.

keep us posted, Connie.




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Can our hearts take any more :cry::?: Fay is an extraordinary woman, and I feel that even in Hospice she is still fighting like crazy. As has been stated here before.....Hospice can be canceled at any time. So I will continue to hope and pray that Fay's indomitable spirit will allow her one more triumph!

Fay, you have been a beacon of hope to so many. Accept our prayers, hopes, and support and allow them to lift you up.....spiritually as well as physically.

Thank you, Connie for your vigilance on behalf of us all. It is so appreciated.



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Just a couple of weeks ago we were e-mailing and you were trying to help ME out of this depression. My heart just feels like it's breaking.

Fay has blessed many, many of us with her kind and wise words.

Many, many prayers for our dear Fay...

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