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holy smokes......the results are in


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I just got off the phone with my step-dad. My Mom was in receiving her treatment. Her doctor wanted to play it safe in giving her another treatment.

But, the results are in.......and boy are they good.

The largest tumor has shrunk again!!! It is down to 1/4 of its size. The doctor said that it could be just scar tissue showing up on the scan. He said the only way to tell is by getting a PET scan. One of her small tumors is GONE COMPLETELY!!

I'm just so estatic about this news. She has the PET appt scheduled for March 6th to find out if there is any cancer active.

Thank you all SO much for your thoughts and prayers.

Crying tears of joy at the moment.

Time to go celebrate with them........yippppeeeeeeeeee

Warm Hugs,


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