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Some late night musings........


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Almost 2 years ago I was having a bad day and found this site, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that the people here would become so important to me.

I now have friends I've never met or even spoken to, I have met some new friends that will always be special, I have cried over people who in the conventional sense of the word should be strangers, I've learned a great deal about all types of lung cancer and treatments.

And.........I've shared many, many lighter moments - thanks Ann for the getting to know you threads - and some really good belly laughs - thanks Frank for so many good jokes.

What I hope I've brought to the table is knowledge for newcomers that there is survival and in some instances even a cure, most of all I hope I've shown them that it isn't heresy if you laugh now and then.

No lightning bolts come out of the sky if you find things as funny as you did before cancer.....laughter is so freeing, for that moment in time you can forget that you hurt or feel downright crappy.

Several people were very sympathetic when I lost my hair, there was some hand wringing and amazement that I would leave the house without hat or wig (hated both) I then enlightened them that I could shower in no time and saved all sorts of time not shaving my legs...this also meant I could put shorts on without checking my shins for stragglers (sorry guys only the women will appreciate that one).

Sorry to have rattled on, I have received a lot of support here and I've tried to give it back, hopefully my positive attitude comes through. I am so surely convinced that attitude played a part in my survival.

My hope for all newcomers is that they realise that the death knell does'nt sound the moment the diagnosis is made, there is an unkown amount of time out there for them, the same unkown as before diagnosis.....the beer truck could be aiming for anyone of us right now.

I applaud all of my fellow survivors and caregivers here on this board, you are the best.

Thanks for letting me ramble on, sleep doesn't seem to want to come tonight - I slept last night so this must be my night off - but I will bore you no more.

Goodnight my friends, hope you are sleeping well.


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Those exact same musings have meandered through MY mind as well. Thank you for putting them out there for all of us to gain strength and courage from. (I don't think that sentence is grammatically correct....anyone care?). I, myself, find more comfort and support here than I often do with my face to face friends.

And to Ginny and Randy.......I suppose there are different views of this, but I believe you are survivors as well. Anyone whose life has been touched by cancer and comes out on the other side is a survivor in my view. When I first started to come here I received SO much comfort from all the caregivers ~ it was jus unimaginable.....and I continue to do so. So thank you to all.

And Geri, I DID sleep last night, so maybe tonight you may find me here rambling.....my night OFF from sleep :lol: !



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I couldn't agree more about the caregivers, my husband was my major researcher, supporter and, when needed, kicker of my butt.

Our daughter put her life on hold for a couple of months and came here to make life easier for both of us.

My hat's off to all the caregivers, without you our lives would be much, much harder.

Thank you all.


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Geri, thanks so much for this wonderful, heartfelt post! I hope you know what a special lady you are and also know that you bring a lot of joy and laughs to our lives, too. I have read so many of your posts and thought.."I wish I would have said that." You always seem to know just what to say to make people feel better!

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