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3K for Maryanne

Don Wood

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Well, now, our own Maryanne has made her 3000th post! Congratulations, Maryanne, and thanks so much for all the info, caring and support you give us here. Maryanne has been with us about 14 months so you can see how much support she has given in that short time. Maryanne's husband, Joel, was diagnosed in Oct. '04 and is currently NED (yeah!). Don

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Thanks, Maryanne, for being here for all of us. You make me feel better just knowing you are around for us. Hope you have 3000 times many more posts to offer.....................AND hope I am here to read them all!!!!! We are so lucky to have you, and so is Joel!!!



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Hi Mar!

thanks for all of the good words and encouragement that you have given to all of us. Bunny hit it on the head with your green smiley guy! Funny. That is YOUR green guy, huh?

Now, how bout a martini, just the way you like it??? It is happy hour, isn't it?

love, Cindi o'h

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Congrats on your posts history......it's folks like you that make the journey for folks like me much easier -- I can't even begin to tell you how much love and support us "newbies" (I know I might not look like a "wet behind the ears" newcomer....lol...I have been posting like mad in here) feel from folks like you; somehow we all know it will be OK, despite our fears and loads of questioning when we come here. Your wisdom and kindness are much appreciated. Keep it coming!



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