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Charlie in the Hospital


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Need prayers for Charlie. He is in the hospital to get IV antibiotics and some breathing treatments to get the pneumonia under control. We expect him to be released in the morning and the IV antibiotics will continue at home for the next week.

Also, he will likely have a bronchoscopy on Thursday to look and see what's going on in there. We meet with the pulmunologist on Monday afternoon to get more information.

Thanks for being so supportive. It is comforting to know that we always have your prayers. Take care.

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Charlie came home this morning. He will be getting IV antibiotics for the next week. I will be "nurse Tina" since the ins. company won't pay for home health to do it twice a day. What a crazy health care system we have!

He is some better and we had a good birthday celebration for our girls this evening. Thanks for your continued prayers.

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Hello "nurse Tina",

Glad to hear Charlie is home. I know it is always more comfortable to be home rather than in the hospital . Just want you to know that my prayers continue for you , Charlie and your family. Sure hope the antibiotic starts to kick in and help. Keep us updated when you can.



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Tell Charlie that we are so glad that he has the best darn nurse in the whole midwest. I am so glad he is home with you, albeit would be much easier if the insuracne gave you some help. It is beyond frustrating and mindboggling how they treat their insured, but I can just feel the love you have for him and for that you both are blessed.

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