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Dr. report on on mom


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Hello kind family and happy Easter to everyone!

Dr. finally got to see mom about 7 last night. He is pulling the arsenol of tests. She had a CT san of her chest and abdomen about 10 last night. She will have an MRI tomorrow. He is less concerned with the UTI and very concerned about what is happening with her brain. Thank you for the prayers during this most stressful time. She rested comfortably last night.

As someone else mentioned, if anyone would make a comeback, it would be my mom, or as we call her "Rocky".

I love you guys. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your honesty and prayers.

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Hi Lori,

Just want you to know that I am thinking of you and pray your mom will come out of this with more positive results.

I am so glad that she rested comfortably last night.

Also prayering for her to have no more seizures.


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I am so glad that your mom is comfortable and no more seizure scares -- as someone else said, she is an amazing woman....and so are you!!!! Make sure that you also are getting your needed rest in all of this.

Many, many prayers and hugs for your mom and you,


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Hi Lori.

I will take credit for that statement. Your Mom has always amazed me. She is the most resiliant woman I have ever seen. Rocky is a great nickname for her.

I will continue to hold her in vigil. I am glad that the doctor is active in his care for her. Hopefully, you will have some answers and she will have another lick at getting back some semblence of strength.


Cindi o'h

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ou Just made my Easter Day all better. So glad Dr is involved and things sound a little better. Always praying for greaT NEWS.

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Lori I am so glad your mom is resting comfortably, and that her doctor is going at this problem with guns blazing.

Your Rocky is an amazing, strong and wonderful woman, and so are you.

I pray this Easter day bring you good results, solutions, comfort and God's miracles.

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