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GRRRRRRR88888888 checkup

cindi o'h

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Tears of joy and a song of Praise! That was my reaction to this, Cindi. You are a tough little rascal, and you are going to live! Praise God! If you, or anyone else, knows the doxology, that song and the words to that song were instantly what came in my mind.

I threw my head back, a few tears surfaced, and all I could think was "Praise God from whom all blessings flow. . ."

I can remember as a kid that was my favorite part of church - even when I didn't understand anything else. To me, it was kind of like the way the organ player loudly begins the announcement on the organ of the wedding march. They didn't have the high tech equipment, microphones and keyboards like today, but they had a very nice piano and organ, and boy, they would play it loud.

It was always sung after the offering and communion and everybody came to their feet, instantly and simultaneously. The combination of the simultaneous standing, loud organ and joyous singing would give me goose bumps every time. At the very end, there was a long drawn out Aaaahhhhmen! I was probably 7 or 8 and I knew the words, and I could hardly wait for the doxology. I knew we were praising God, that's for sure, and it sure felt good.

It felt good today, too, praising God for you. You'll see me at the pub. I never left from Tina's Bash. Oh, I didn't drink, but I haven't stopped drinking Starbucks, so I've been wide awake since Saturday and am still dancing! See you there!

Oh, and here's the song we are going to sing when you walk through the door. I sure hope you know it - It will mean so much more. We will be standing and applauding:


Love you, girlfriend,


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Well Miss Cindi you've made my July 4th even better!!!!!!!!!

What a great check up, keep on keeping on........make mine a large Bailey's please - I know I'm late for the party but I just got home.

Way to go girl.


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Clap clap!

Woohoo! We get to keep her for at least three more months!

Oh Cin, you are truly an inspiration and a great bartender to boot. This board is so lucky to have your wit, charm and survivorship. Keep those three month gr8 news scans coming Missy!

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Cindi....You know it's so hard to clap and hold a drink at the same time so, I think I'll clap now and drink later!!!! This is such good news! I am so very happy for you. Hearing that your bartender (and dear friend) is going to be pouring drinks for a long time is wonderful news!!!



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