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More worries

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I didn't even post about this round of drama b/c I figured people were getting sick of me. Maybe I should have b/c I might have jinxed myself not following tradiation of posting tests. (I can be superstious)

I followed up on the red blood cells in the urine and had a cystoscopy today which looks into the bladder; and I had a urine cytology which looks at urine under a microscope for cancer cells.

The cystoscopy was normal. However the cytology showed: "A few small clusters of degenerated, mildly atypical urothelial cells are present. In the absence of a history of prior instrumentation (or lithiasis), a low-grade urothelial neoplasm cannot be excluded".

The urologist said I will get it re-tested in 6 weeks then a biopsy if it is not normal. However I am scheduled for in-vitro in two weeks and he said I can still get pregnant, this would be very early since it is not visible yet.

I just faxed it to my mom's oncologist. He has been so kind to me in the past with this stuff, I hope I am not bothering him. I just want to confirm that I can go ahread with the in-vitro.

Suck a duck, I am tired of this. I know I can't complain b/c nothing bad has happened yet. That is why I am posting in the Family Member section. But I will allow myself a few minutes here at work to cry and de-stress :)

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Andrea...first of all, no one is getting sick of you telling us what's going on!!!!!!! (((Andrea)))

Your mom's onc sounds like an angel and hopefully he will get back to you very soon with his input.

In the meantime, loads of prayers and positive thoughts. Please, please keep us posted.

Love, Libby

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Oh Andrea, nobody is getting sick of you, we love you. I am sure all of this will turn out good. My son (he's 24) developed blood in his urine when he was about 4. We took him to Children's Hospital and had every test in the book run. The concensus was "that is just the way he is". He still has it. They did say that if he ever got strep throat to get him on antibiotics immediately - not sure why.

I guess it runs in the family as my Mom and I both have it. Thinking good toughts for you. You are right to have this stuff checked out. Let me know what happens. Hey, let's get together for lunch some Saturday.

Love and hugs,

Nancy B

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no need to be apologetic at all! hey your are going thru alot and don't even think about you being a bother!!!! I think you've just hit one of those bumps in the road, but I have a feeling that you're going to come of it just fine! You've got lots of support this way, I'm wishing you all the best!!!


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Oh, Andrea, no one here would ever be sick of you! I'm just sorry that these worries keep continuing for you, but I think this is going to be ok. Better safe than sorry, though, and I'm glad you're getting to the bottom of this...


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I'm so glad to see your post! If we can't come here to vent, etc. where can we go?

I hope and pray that everything is fine for you. I would be at the same level of worry / apprehension if it were me. It is so easy for us to tell you not to worry...but don't worry, OK? :wink:

Keep us posted, and I'll keep praying!

:) Kelly

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Hmm...Andrea, sorry to hear about this...but I've had blood in my urine for approximately 20 years now, and it was disclosed to both of my RE's and never became an issue. My family on my mom's side all has kidney issues, my mom and uncle were on dialysis from PKD and my grandpa had PKD, I had kidney stones in my first pregnancy. But I was never told to not get pregnant, that I couldn't do my IVF's, or that I'd never have kids. I see a nephrologist and maintain a low protein diet to go easy on my kidneys to avoid the dialysis machine for as long as possible.

Hope your next IVF goes well, with great numbers and lots of perfect eggies to transfer. I'm sure everything will be just fine. Prayers heading your way.

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Thanks everyone for allowing me to vent. :D My boss told me that I have a right to be frustrated b/c these things are not just "in my head". My head can't make atypical cells, and many of the other "worries" I recently had.

I feel that most of my friends don't understand and do think I am always paranoid (which I am). :x However, when you get a report that says atypical and you know what we know, panic is normal.

Anyway, Nicole the wonderful phyisican assistant called back and said that Dr. Barth (mom's onc) agreed with the urologist's assessment, I can do in-vitro, but keep a close watch and get re-tested in 6 weeks. Still not comfortable with the whole biopsying possibly while pregnant (like I will even get pregnant ;) ), but since Dr. Barth agreed, I will let it go until my next test in 6 weeks:) I see the fertility dr July 31 to see when we are a go.

That's it for now, at least until the next incident :P I do get blood work back on Tues for the endocronologist, so you never know (3 months ago those results led me to cancer blood tests too :?

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