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Getting to Know You - July 21


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There have been so many GTKY questions asked but not too many that deal with our occupations. Our dear Peggy suggested that I ask these questions and I thought it was a great idea. If you're retired, just tell us what you did.

Tell us about your occupation. Example:

1. What is your occupation?

2. Do you enjoy your work?

3. Would you change jobs if you could do something making more money?

4. Would you change jobs for any reason?

5. What hours do you work (day, evening, night).

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I am semi retired. I work 3 days a week, tues, wed, thurs, as a bookkeeper for a small mfg company. Wanted a job that when I left at the end of the day, I didn't have to think about it.

In my real life, I have been involved with computers since the late 1960's. (Yep I am old). First as a programmer and then a data processing manager, then I sold computers for IBM and then Earl and I started our own computer consulting company. All of these jobs involved loooooooooong hours and lots of stress, deadlines, quotas etc. I still do some programming and consulting for a few customers.

BUT, I love my long weekends now and that I can just do a job. Very fortunate that the company I work for gives me prorated vacation, holiday and personal time and pays for my health insurance, again very fortunate.

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1. Registered Nurse for 12 years.

2. I enjoy my occupation very much, very satisfying.

3. I would change only if I were offerred less hours for more money, no weekends or holidays, job closer to home, and equally exciting.

4. See above.

5. I work 12 hours a day, 7am-7pm, 3 days a week

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I'm an office manager for an aluminum company. There are times when I enjoy my job and other times when I would love to run out the door and never even look back over my shoulder. I don't mind the work aspect of the job but there are some really nutso personalities to deal with in this company. Oh...the stories I could tell ya! I would absolutely change jobs if I could find one making more money...in a heartbeat! I work 8-5, Monday to Friday. Monday is my favorite day of the week (other than Friday), as I'm out of the office all day doing building permitting. It's nice being out of the office and on the road!

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I am an Executive Director of a large non-profit company which works with individuals with disabilities, both physical and mental. I founded the company in the late 1980's. We employ approximately 275 people. This is a field I fell into by accident as my original degree is in Fine Arts. When I got into this I went back to school and got an additional degree in Psychology.

I enjoy my work very much but it can have extremely stressful periods. I doubt I will ever change jobs, there are too many families that depend on us for good care. I do however have fantasies about doing art again.

I work from 8-3:30 but I get lots of work calls on off hours.

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I am now a stay at home mom and loving it. I spend my days with my little boy,volunteering at my cancer clinic and providing students with instrumental private lessons based on their need (free of charge). I have less stress in my life now than I have ever had. I also help my husband at his school and we dabble in the stock market.

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1. Research Chemist.

2. I am retired 13 years now, but I did enjoy my job very much.

3. Money level wasn't an issue for me -- job content was.

4. Yes, I considered changing jobs twice in my 29-year career with Shell: (1) I needed to change locations to get my kids into a better school district. The company accommodated me, though, and moved me to Houston. (2) I asked for a promotion (willing to change jobs if I didn't get it) and again the company accommodated me.

5. I worked during the day from 7:15AM to 4:15PM, Mon.-Fri. Don

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I am a paralegal and have worked for the same attorney for almost 20 years.

I love my job, but he broke away from the firm/partner scenario Jan. 1 of this year. So now he's a sole practioner and I am paralegal, legal secretary, office manager, bookeeper, accountant/billing department, and receptionist. It has been exhausting for both of us. He has a pretty good-sized practice and trying to keep up with the legal work has been a huge challenge for me since I've had to learn to do billing, accounting, and even my own payroll. So, long story short - yes, I love my job, but could do without the financial work and be much happier.

I would love to have what Ginny has, though:

...a job that when I left at the end of the day, I didn't have to think about it.

I would also love to have earned a degree like Ry's in Psychology. I love that subject and wish I would have pursued some type of work as a psychologist.

I doubt that I would change jobs for any reason - even money. I have the best boss in the world, and he and his wife and kids are like family.

Many years ago I worked for a First Class Pain in the Butt, and I also had a job once that I didn't have ANYTHING to do. Both situations were totally unacceptable. So, the trade off to have less pressure, less work and shorter hours, but maybe have a jerk for a boss or nothing to do, is not worth losing my extended family and a job that I really enjoy.

My "hours" are generally 8:30 to 5:30, however, they are usually much longer than that.


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I was in the IT (go all the way back to mainframes, key punch cards, YIKES) field for over 30 years, I enjoyed it very much, learned a lot and was always treated more then fairly on the job. My favorite time was when I worked for the Air Force as a Contractor, had a lot of fun after hours with the boys in blue. Now I tell people I'm retired with a full time job, kicking lung cancers *ss! :lol:

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1) I work as a clinician for the Department of Youth Services with adolescent males who are being held on criminal charges.

2) I enjoy what I do enough to stay to gain the experience I need to achieve my career goal. I would love to be a diagnostic clinician.

3) I would change jobs if they were able to offer me more opportunities, more money and more perks.

4) Please refer to above answer

5) I work 4 days a week. Wed and Thurs 8am - 7pm Fri - 10am - 9 pm & Sat - 8 am - 3 pm Funky, but I love my 3 day weekends. I need that time to recup.

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When I was diagnosed, I was 4 classes away from a bachelors in Political Science, minor in Law and Justice. Now, I only need 3 classes, which I plan to finish in the Fall. SO, I guess my main "occupation" is "Student!"

While going to school, I also worked as a waitress..

I liked doing both...

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1. Self-employed consultant (accountant)--specialize in providing support to federal government contractors. There are unique accounting, systems and reporting requirements for government contractors.

2. I enjoy it and have been very fortunate to have understanding clients during these difficult times.

3. Maybe--not interested in a full-time job right now. I currently work 4 days a week.

4. Would like to be doing non-profit work instead (just starting a non-profit to help LC patients and families)

5. Approximately 8:00 - 5:00 Monday - Thursday

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1. Graphic Artist for a large printing company.

2. Yes, for the most part, I do enjoy my job.

3-4. I would have to say I might change jobs for more money if the opportunity came up, but I would never go out looking for a new job. I've been here 14 years and i enjoy the flexibility, security, and comfort of this job.

5. M-F 7:00 to 3:00, occasionally weekend when needed.

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I worked for a large telecommunications company and when I got laid off one of my customers asked me to come work for them. They are a financial company and I pretty much take care of their network. They are based out of NY and I work out of an office in my basement in MO. :lol:

I do enjoy the work I do. I also enjoy being able to throw in some laundry in between conference calls or throwing something in the crockpot for dinner while I take my lunch break. And although there are MANY benefits when you work from home I REALLY miss being around people and the daily social interaction.

This is too convenient to give up. Someone would have to pay me a BIG salary to walk away.

However, I'm afraid my boss may be leaving the company and I don't know how much I will like my job if/when he leaves. He is a great boss and very understanding when I need some time off and respects the work I do so he is not breathing down my neck constantly. If things got ugly I might have to look for something else.

I ususally work Mon - Fri 7:30 - 4:30 but have often worked much later to keep up when work load has been high. (When work load is not so high I get to post on LCSC more!)


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I was a financial planner.

I loved my work because (in theory) gave me the freedom to plan my days however I'd like. I loved the people I met and worked with.

I would have only changed jobs to be able to make the same money or more, but LESS hours.

My hours felt like 24/7, but I worked approximately 11 hours a day. I did enjoy my own schedule. That means I worked more.

I'm currently on Disability, but still correspond with clients that had become good friends.


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1. I'm starting my 15th year of teaching--secondary English and Math (most of those years in Middle School). The first 10 years were in large public school districts (Minneapolis and Tulsa), the last 5 in a small Catholic school.

2. I love it--especially working with middle school kids--it's a sickness. :)

3. Everything makes more than teaching....hasn't stopped me yet.

4. I might someday switch schools, but I wouldn't leave education.

5. Summers off is quite the perk!

:D Kelly

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My occupation is Domestic Goddess.

31 years ago I retired from the accounting world of month-end/year-end/whatever-end to give birth to and raise my daughter.

I've thoroughly enjoyed my work, watching soaps and eating bon-bons all day.....what could be better!

To get another job like this one I'd have to get another husband and as I've spent 36 years training this one I'll stay where I am, the money is good and I get to set my own hours.

My hours are flexible, as long or as short as I wish to make them!

My real "occupation" is professional volunteer, I have been very fortunate all this time to be able to stay at home and take care of my daughter and do whatever volunteer work has taken my fancy. I have been very blessed in my lifetime to have the support of my family who have made many of their own meals etc while I have been doing my thing.

So the answer is no - I wouldn't change my occupation for anything in the world.


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1. Retired from the Air Force, went back to school and got a degree in MIS, while working for a casino as a help desk IT person.

2. Most of the time. Sitting around playing on the computer is nice.

3. Money isn't the kicker for me the job is.

4. Only to be with my wife when she gets her management position.

5. I work 6Pm to 4AM Sunday thru Wednesday.

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1. I am a loan processor for a Nationwide mortgage co

2. I still enjoy my work, but not as much as I used

to. Its not the job, but the time away from Alan.

3. I would not change jobs just for more money

4. I would change jobs if I could work with cancer

patients and their families. In fact I am going back

to school in Aug to make this a reality. I have been

volunteering at the hospital for over a year and in

many ways enjoy my "free" job more than the one I get

paid for.

5. I typically work 6:00am to 3:00pm, however, month

end the hours are 5:00am to 5:00pm :shock::roll:

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