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Joel's Pet


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Hi all,

Joel's pet scan is Monday. They have to see what is going on with that nodule in is right lung. Its small but went from 4 to 8 mml. Still small... not sure about the CT results as they cut the pictures different ways. So they do not have a true size of it. But it is a nodule and it has grown. Thats the reason for the Pet.

I am very positive that all will be fine! I just wish I could do something to ease his anxiety. But all in all he is handling it well but he worries about me too.

I had my 3rd echocardiogram today, its a 6 month scan for me. They are monitoring a valve in my heart. I will have to have surgery to repair it, but I have a 2 year reprive.(hopefully) Who knows maybe in 2 years they can develop a method where they don't have to cut you.

I will tell you this though, I feel great, I do not have one symptom of heart palpulations, SOB, swollen ankes or had rhuematic fever. So that is why they are waiting but taking precaustion with the tests. It is my Mytra valve that is leaking.

Anyway it is just a tough week coming up. Hopefully, in my case my results of my echocardiogram will not show any changes, it could not reverse itself but it could stay the same for awhile.

But most of all and most important is that Joel results turns to be favorable.

Maryanne :wink:

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Well, Maryanne, you guys certainly must have that 'scanitis' disease about now. It is good news for you that you are being monitored and you have no symptoms. For Joel, I sure hope the PET shows that nodule is just 'poofing' away, ya know. BTW............is that nodule in the cm range or mm? 4cm to 8cm???? or mm? You both are never far from my thoughts since you ae just about our neighbors! Sending all the good stuff I have your way.......for you both. Hope Joel's results are in soon!



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Thank you Kasey by bringing that to my attention, it is NOT cenemeters its Millimeters. (whew)!!

I changed that in my post. I think they would be really concerned if it was Cent.

Thanks again Kasey,


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I wish you and Joel the best. I have a feeling that the nodule is not malignant and the chances are statistically that it is not because it is still small. But, I would be just as anxious as Joel if it were me. I hope you get the results quickly and that they are good and that you continue to feel good as you monitor your heart problem.

Don M

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Maryanne, my message to you and Joel is to comfort you and not scare you.

As I mentioned to you before that my nodule has changed from 4mm to 7mm to 5mm to 6mm, to 8mm to 4mm over the last 4 years. I also had a PET scan and that little nodule lite up. I also had surgery after that and my surgeon felt that nodule and said "IT IS NOT CANCER because it DOESN'T HAVE THE DENSITY feel that cancerous nodules have" That was 3+ years ago. Today my nodule is 4mm and just holding it's own and not bothering anything.

I also have a dear friend who had 7 yes SEVEN nodules (she is a lc survivor of 7 years) Her nodules appeared 3 years after she had been cancer free (and still is cancer free) None the less, 5 of those nodules went bye bye and the other 2 are 3mm & 4mm and have not changed for over 4 years. She too had a PET scan that lite up and they just continue to watch her 2 nodules.

These nodules are more like a PAIN IN THE ARSS then anything! :roll::x:wink:

Glad to hear your checkup went pretty good for you. I too just learned I have a slow leak in my Mytra Value too! :shock::roll: They gave me a new pill to try and stop the leak, so we'll see what happens. But, I can assure you I am all done with open heart surgeries. :roll: I think three in three years is more then enough for one life time.

Hang in there, this nodules stuff is somewhat over-rated! :wink::wink:

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