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Dehydration, Part II

Don Wood

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This post is very hard to write tonight but I owe you all an update. Thanks so very much for all the prayers and thoughts. It means a lot.

After two days in the regular hospital, Lucie was moved Sunday night to ICU, a central line put in to hasten the hydration, and antibiotics to stave off the pneumonia. She also has septic shock, which was part of why she went downhill so fast. She is now temporarily on a respirator and heavily sedated to try and bring her back.

But the prognosis is very grim. She has a chance, but a slim one. They will be checking each morning to determine progress. This is very hard on me and my three kids. It is hard to see them go through this. We need your continued prayers. I will keep you posted if there is any change either way. I am whipped, but I am taking care of myself the best I can. Blessings. Don

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My heart is breaking for all of you. Many many prayers are being said for Lucie. You both have been such a pillar here and are so loved. Remember that all of us are pulling and praying for you.

Don, please call me if there is anything I can do, if you need a friend, an ear or a shoulder. I'll be waiting and saying lots of prayers.

My thoughts are with you and Lucie and your family.



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I am certain you have the prayers of the entire LCSC board tonight. You ARE LCSC and Lucie is our star. My hope and prayer is that God hold your family close to His heart for comfort and strength at this difficult time. May Lucie, yet again, pull through this latest challenge and be able to return home to you. Fred and I are here for you, Don. You reached out to us, allow us the privilege of now doing the same for you.

Much love and caring,


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Don I am so sorry to hear this. My prayers continue for Lucie and your family.

I remember when my mom went in for dehydration and we also found out she had an infection in her blood. I could not believe how sick she got so fast. One minute she didn't seem that bad and we thought she would waite till her doctors appt. the next day and next we were rushing her to the hospital.

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crying and praying you know. Don Dad beat 2 weeks Intubated in CICU after Knee reolacement surgery. THere is always hope.tears and Prayers this morning.

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