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I was diagnosed last Thanksgiving with Stage 4 nonsmall cell adenocarinoma lung cancer. I've had four rounds of chemo, plus one of radiation. I'm currently taking Tarceva pills, and, aside from some nasty side effects, I'm doing reasonably well.

I'm 68 years old and live in Palo Alto, CA. I'm happy to share experiences.


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It's great hearing from everyone. We're all on a separate journey, but we're all going through similar experiences. For example, in my introduction, I didn't mention that I also had an encounter with a two liter pleural effusion and pneumonia that took me five weeks to recover from. And I'm having it easy compared to what you all are "enjoying."

Take really good care of yourselves and hug your loved ones, a lot.


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Hi Joe,

welcome to you!

are you all through with your treatments now? What and where did they radiate? I am curious about your treatment. I think you said you had just one radiation treatment? (I think that's atypical) Where is your exactly is your disease, may I ask?

What keeps your courage up?

Cindi o'h

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