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Darrell F. Barnes.

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I'm just reading this....I can't believe it, of so many people I've come to know here, Darrell's fight hit too close to home, someone who fought with the same diagnosis as my husband, I looked to him for strength and encouragement, I believed that if my husband could fight that Darrell would be fighting the same battle along him.

I can't cry, I'm too sad to cry....my soul feels less, my hope is that he did not suffer in pain too much or better at all. If God is watching down upon us and all of us who suffer from this aweful disease in whatever way we are, that Darrell is by his side...

Darrell....you will be so missed, you were one of a kind.....no one will ever take your place.....now you don't have to fight this monster anymore...

love and prayers...


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May the sun be always on your face annd teh winds be always at your Back. Fair and smooth sailing from a fellow Sailor. Prayers and Condolences to the family and all his friends at this very difficult time.

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I wish I could turn the clock back and have our Darrell here with us again. I am completely heart broken and right now I cannot stop crying. Not Darrell, he faught so hard, lost the war but never never the battle.

I will miss him tremendously, as he was such in inspiration to everyone. I still cannot believe this happened to him. I will miss his wonderful smile in his avitar. It's hard to believe we will not see that smiling face anymore.

Rest in peace sweet Darrell. You will be missed here tremendously.

Chris if he has any kind of guestbook online from the funeral home please send it on to us.

Maryanne :cry:

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