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Two Years and Counting!

Michael Lewis

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For all those newly (and not-so-newly) diagnosed, especially with a daunting prognosis, I just wanted to share that this month I entered the 24th month following a mets diagnosis. The original prog was 6mo to 1year. How little they know!

I have not posted for some time, but the last two years have been wonderful, living life to its fullest. Setting and achieving short-term goals has been a big part of my survival. (at least I believe).

Managed to walk my very special daughter down the aisle this summer, shortly after walking my bride of 39 years for a re-commitment of our vows.

Made the second relay for life survivors walk at Husky Stadium and was filmed with several others for a TV special on Lung Cancer, broadcast here in Seattle.

A big blessing has been working directly with several other lung cancer patients, sharing experience, strength and hope. Networking directly has given me a sense of connection and a happiness beyond description. I have never felt more in touch with myself, my humanity or others. Without the very mixed blessing of this disease, this would have never happened.

What's next? don't know, but as the disease progresses, I hope to reach my 65th birthday in July, to hang a third survivors ribbon around my neck at the Relay for Life, celebrate my wife's birthday in April, maybe eat turkey come Thanksgiving and pass out the gifts, as is our tradition, at Christmas. Hey...Why Not!

The grace of God has given me more time than I ever thought possible. The rest is absolute bonus time..

Bless you all..


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Great to 'see' you, Michael Lewis :lol: ! And how wonderful to hear that you're out there living life. How rich these 24 months have been for you! You keep on charging ahead for your wife's b-day, turkey, and Christmas gifts. I bet there may even be a grandchild or so thrown in just to add to all the excitement :wink: !!!! Thanks for sharing........newbies need to know!


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Michael...I love your attitude..I love your spunk...I love the way you proved the doctors wrong...Just keep on trucking kiddo...the best is yet to come...good luck for many many more wonderful years...

On sad note...we got news today of a good friend passing from LC ...we were told the doc gave him about 6 months to live and maybe 8 with treatment...He refused the treatment...that's all we know at this point...but had I known he had LC...(he didn't want anyone to know) I surely would have encouraged him to get a second and third opinion...and introduced him to this board..sigh...Well maybe God wanted him now...and now free from all his pain...

my best to all...PamS

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