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CT scan results


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Hello All,

Yesterday I received the results of my most recent CT scan (which I had done last Friday). My Pnemothorax has gone away! Which is really good news. The CT showed almost exactly the same results as the scan I had back in December. The doctor said he could almost see a tiny improvement but otherwise the same. The fluid on my lung is gone. With the cancer being "stable" the doctor suggested rather than starting Tarceva right now to receive doses of Avastin alone and to continue with that until we see any progression. I will receive two doses of Avastin 3 weeks apart and then re-scan and see where I'm at. Interestingly the doctor showed me where my left lung is a tiny bit larger than normal (My cancer is in the right pleura of my lung). The left lung is probably a little bit larger because it's trying to compensate for the disease in the right lung? Pretty amazing ......I thought. I guess I would have to say I'm pretty pleased with the appointment. Stable is good!

Take care,


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Good show, Rachel! I think you'll enjoy the Avastin-alone program. It's been 2 weeks since I had my first Avastin treatment without the Taxol/Carbo, and I'm already feeling better than I have in months. The plan for me is to stay on the Avastin indefinitely, then switch to something else (like Alimta or Tarceva) if and when the cancer starts growing again.

Keep us posted on how you're doing. Aloha,


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