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Friday Appointments - All Good...though almost puked!


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Dad's appointments are this Friday. He feels great, and we are going in to this with a most positive outlook. Why do I think worry will keep this positive? :shock: I HATE the idea of being hit over the head with anything though! :?

Thankfully he is going to Mayo, where he has all the tests in the morning, and we know the results by the afternoon. No waiting!!! :D

Please, if you have an extra prayer or two to give out, may one of them be for my dad's continued good health, his strength to get through these next few days, and of course, for the continued miracle of healing.

Blessings to all,


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Keep thinking positive.....you know worrying won't change a darn thing, it is what it is, worrying will only give you grey hair and wrinkles and the results will still be exactly the same!

Prayers and good thoughts for Friday.


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I had a friend yesterday tell me that if you think positive, positive things will happen! Simple concept, but hey it's worth a try. I wish nothing but continued good health for your dear Dad! I'll be looking forward to your post in the Good News section on Friday!

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Lot's and lot's of prayers going up for you guys.

Harry gets his new scan and MRI reports tomorrow morning too, so it's going to be a "sweaty palms day" for all of us.

Please let us know as soon as you can. I'll be thinking of you all day.


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I could have about puked on Friday... :oops:

Dad's news is great! Everything looks clear as a bell. He does have some pleural effusion, but had a recent cold, so she is not concerned. The plan is to have a "big" appointment in August to include chest scans, brain scans, and bone scans. This is because at this point he will be ONE YEAR into remission! Yeah!

The reason I about puked was because his appointment with the onc was at 2:30...at 5, when I called for about the millionth time, the phone was still OFF. I took this (you know me!) as a BAD sign!

Turns out their appointment was late to begin by over an hour, then there was a NP in training that did everything first, and then the regular doc came in afterwards...so essentially two appointments.

Thank God! Thank you for all the prayers. May you all have the blessings that we have been given...the miracle of healing.


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