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Offering Some Hope

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A big hug and HELLO to everyone!

I have been reading some recents posts about the total chaos this disease causes and I have to say my heart is just breaking for everyone! My prayer list just increased dramatically.While God is busy with his part I thought I would share something with you all that may offer you a bit of hope.

My mom has had lung cancer a really LONG time(dx 3/99). Been NED then w/ mets to brain, liver and adrenal glands-on all the 'new' drugs as they were trials-Tarceva, Alimta, Iressa, Avastin-was the first person to lay in the cyberknife machine at Dale Liphsy.the fifth to receive a new laser rad that pinpointed the tumor nudged up close to her aorta..point is she has seen both the ugly and uglier sides of this cancer and her roller coaster must be in the Guiness book for scariest!

I visited her today as I do every weekend. She was up, after a trip to the farmer's market, had just finished a load of laundry and was making my dad some soup-she was giving him heck about the fact that she was up waiting on him for a change...her doc visit was Thursday-she has gained 12 lbs since last weigh in 2 months ago(woohoo!)her blood counts are better than they have been since her first round of chemo and rads, her doctor said she looked great, her lung tumor had not grown and he would see her in another 2 months. No CATs, no MRI....no huge issues from her cancer at this time.

So, despite what it may seem It IS possible to come back from the brink of death and thrive-

it is possible to live a somewhat 'normal' life with this disease and it is possible to live WAY longer than a diagnosis tells you...

May all of your loved ones be blessed with the same 'normal' for many, many years to come!

Bright Blessings!


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Wow, Melissa.........I am PUMPED!!!!! I am pumped for me and your mom and for all the others here who look for anything to give hope!! Tell mom I am giving her a big 'atta girl' and will expect to see this same type of post maybe ~ next year and many years to follow????? What a wonderful, uplifting way to begin the new week!!! Thank you!


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I too want to Thank You for sharing your wonderful mother's story with us. I kind of feel like I know her.

I have survived this beast for 12 years. God Bless your mom! She's had one heck of a wild ride. :(

I wish her well and I'm sending some positive vibes her way.

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Thanks you for taking the time from your busy life to come here and share that inspiring story. Usually message boards like this are filled with people who are struggling and looking for hope so it means alot for you to visit here when things are going so well and you can kind of 'forget' about the cancer for a bit.

I'm so happy for you and your sweet mom.


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Great big hugs are being sent to you and your mom. My day was off to a rough start, but YOU made me feel better. :D I want to hear more stories like that. This monster is not going to take such good people away from us as easliy as it may have thought. Your mom is a tough cookie. Good for her!!!!!!!!

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