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Hi everyone. I just spoke with Bob, Karen's husband. Apparently Karen went through with the cyberknife treatment back in April, but has had many problems since then. The CK burned her vocal cords and she has been having a tough time swallowing. She has been hospitalized for over a month. She has a trach and ventilator and can communicate through writing a word or so. He sounded devastated and beat. He has his family with him in Southern Cali. She is at Riverside Community Hospital in Riverside, CA.

He asked that I update you all and he asks for your prayers.

I am praying...

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I'm sorry to hear the news. I have missed seeing her around, but realize she hadn't been posting all that much for a while. I had no idea ck could do such damage. Boy! Please pass along that I will be offering prayers for a speedy recovery recovery. Did Bob mention if improvement is expected any time soon? Sure hope so. Karen is always on top of things thoroughly researching before making any decisions. Hope she's back real soon.


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All my prayers are going up for Karen and Bob. I'm shocked. I knew she was having some problems a few months back, but she thought they had it all figured out. This is such sad news.

I'm going to send a card. Karen is a wonderful, kind, caring, loving supportive person. I hate to hear this.

Thank you Lori for the update.

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I am sorry to hear the bad news about Karen too. I remember that she went to San Diego CK center. I am surprised that she got that kind of damage from her treatment. I wonder if she got pneumonitis too...the ventilator.

My ck center warned me of the possibility of pneumonitis, especially since my tumor is so big. They were so concerned about it, that they gave me just enough dose to control the tumor rather than kill it.

I hope Karen gets her voice back and gets out of the hospital soon.

Don M

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