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little sister going thur this mess Hello


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First off let me tell you all how much you have made me feel there is hope.

and have been praying for all of you......asking God to really bless all of you. now my story .

my little sister is just now 40 yrs young . thought she pulled a muscle in her shoulder so she went to dx. said shingles under the skin. went with family for a small vactions came home and said she still hurts like it's raw on the inside . went to er did a chest x-ray

8/07 said there was something on her right lung at the very top did a ct scan also in er and said yes there is a mass on the right lung .size of a golf ball said didn't give you a death sentence found a onc doctor for her to see in a few days. didn't what to do really scared.

9/07 onc dx said she thinks it's beign tumor but orderd a broncyopy came back no decision the lung dx said after a few weeks of waiting ...good news there isn't any cancer but the bad news is I didn't get the mass so they orderd a pet scan

9/4/07 pet scan done waiting for results.

9/5/ ct scan needle biopsy done waiting again for results.

9/6/07 talk to heart and lung surgeon. said the results on the pet scan came back nothing but the mass showed up, but still thinks its cancer the needle biopsy came back with suspicious cells. now 85 percent sure it's cancer. don't give her 2 yrs with out the surgery . but 85 percent with the surgery don't want to do chem or rad said it might not work......ask what kind of cancer is this?

and now answer ..

said with surgery she could make 5 yrs so she is going with the surgery she only weights 98 lbs a very thin lady very proud of my baby sister very close to her.

the said they will have to go thru her back to take out the right lobe on the top is guess . really scared and mad feel like the dx's aren't telling us something. sister is really scared and almost out of her mind right now . I have told her to fight always has been a fighter but this time she is really scared.have told her to read these stories gives me hope when I read your stories. there is Jesus first off and then you all seem to really care about every one here and answer questions better than a dx.

sorry to ramble I just don't know how to help her .

so if any one can give me some answers or just to pray for her and our family she has 2 daughters one is 14 yrs and a 11 yr old and her husband is there for her all the way even going to carry her if he has too. such love he has for her ....

:roll: thank you all very much and God bless you all just a blessing we had a special pray at church last night for you all here.

thank s for good ole oklahoma

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First of all a big welcome to you okla_girl. You and your sister need some additional info ~ like what type cancer and the stage for starters. All you've shared about your sister's reports so far are really sounding a lot like me. Read my Profile and then in the My Story forum you can read a more detailed account.

As you collect the info be sure to fill out your sister's profile ......like what we all have underneath our names. That will allow all of the 'experts' here to offer the best advice they have. And there are MANY experts, as well as survivors, here.

We are all here to help you along the journey. It may be a bumy road, but we'll kick the sticks and stones outta the way to clear the path for you and your little sister.

For now, take some deep breaths, collect ALL the info you can and post it here. There's LOTS of hope!


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Welcome, and so sorry you need to be here.

As Kasey said - get as much info as you can. It would be helpful to know the type of lung cancer (adenocarcinoma, squamous cell, BAC) and what stage the doctor thinks it is.

It sounds as if maybe they think it is a stage 1A or 1B cancer, which would be early stage and would correspond to the 85% 5 year survival mentioned. If that is the case, please know that 85% 5 year survival really means

ongoing survival after that for most 5 years survivors.

Stay in touch and know that we will be with you!

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Thank you.

just don't know what is next or what to expect they have never told us what kind of cancer? or what stage it's in just what I've said is all they have said to us...just wait until surgery? doing alot of prays with the Lord and looking for some light at the end of a tunnel.

they have said it;s inside of the lung. not attachted to anything. then say's might have grown into the nerves.

I didn't mean to sounds mean when I put the hello at the end of my subject I didn't notice it when I was writting so please forgive me for that ..........

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Welcome--It's been my experience that you have to ask doctors specific questions. What type of cancer? What Stage? What are my treatment options? Your sister will need a proactive advocate as she goes through this process. I will keep your sister is my prayers. If she is stage I (which I suspect with the 85%#) she has an excellent chance for long term survival. I know it is scary to hear the words "lung cancer," but we have a lot of long term survivors here!


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Definitely get a second opinion too.

If she is a candidate for surgery, look into a VATS lobechtomy. Minimally invasive and spoke to a doc whose patients basically take tylenol afterward for pain...so not bad.

Also, it sounds like this is so early, don't rule anything out, explore all treatments. Get all the info possible.

Also, sometimes the amount of info is overwhelming. Try as often as possible to have someone with your sister (preferably the same person most of the time) to help sort through all the info.

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Hello, welcome. Your sister is fortunate to have you as a support. I am so sorry they tried and were unable to get a good biopsy. It really sounds to me that your sister may have what Kasey and I had--a Pancoast Tumor. It is a tumor at the apex (very top of the lung) which because it is in an area where nerves to the chest and arm are located causes a syndrome that Dr. Pancoast described and therefore it was named after him.

My first symptom was chest wall and shoulder pain. I thought I needed an Orthopedic Doctor but on xray there was a golf ball sized tumor up under my color bone. They had a terrible time trying to get a biopsy of it also. They came back to me and said it is non small cell , either squamous or adenocarcinoma ,they couldn't make up their mind.

The treatment protocol for a Pancoast tumor is chemo and radiation first then after it shrinks surgery. Hope your sister can get another opinion. Best wishes, Keep us posted.

Donna G

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Thank you all so very much ..I had been reading everything I can get my hands on. and then when I did a search for lc I found this site .....really helped me to see there are so much support for each and every person and gave me info to ask the doctor.

the dx to me is keeping us in the dark we have a heart dx to help us out with some of the stuff and what to be asking ..I agree a second option is what I am asking .

I have ask the dx what stage and what type are we looking at> and he looks at me as if I lost my mind.

never did answer me

but after reading the stories and prayers for each other has really helped to me to understand and want to do more about lung cancer .

again I just say thanks so much .

she is to have surgery on sept 21 2007.

to take the whole lobe out .but when we go back to do the mri on 9/18/07 will take with the dx again about the other options and treatments.

you all have a great day and again thank you so much your my angels of hope and a ray of sunshine .

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Sorry you have to be here, your sister is lucky to have you. I was told if surgery is possible that is a good thing. I have a friend who is going on her 7th year and her tumor was the size of a grapefruit when found. And that was her second bout with cancer. She is doing wonderful. Tell her not to give up and to read some of the post on this site, it really will help her deal a bit better.

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Welcome to the site,

I have been out of town for a couple of weeks or I would have replied sooner. From what you have told us so far about getting information regarding to staging and type, it is hard to give any advice. I would want a second opinion and even a third opinion. I would want this before the surgery. Here is a list of some places to get a good second opinion.


Stay positive, :)


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Thanks so very much everyone really gave me hope, and lots of info to help my sister with . really asking lots of questions about pancost tumors. she is having surgery on

9/21/07 to remove the upper top lobe. the paper from the doctor said something else but can;t read his writing .trying to reach the doctor have told her to get a second option but she just want's to get this started and win the batter.

have been really praying to God and thanking him for such wonderful people to help go thru this with us .....your my wonderful angels your a really big help;

God bless you all and will let you all know what we find next ....

good night and sweet dreams and a big smile from God on all of you . :D

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Welcome to this site and yes you will get the support that you need here. I certainly did when I first came. I am praying that all goes well for your sister and I encourage you to get a second opion.


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Sorry to hear about your sister Tammie's situation. I agree to ask very specific questions and take lots of notes. If you don't understand what they say ask again. My surgeon drew pictures to explain things to me. It sounds like they will not know anything for sure until surgery. That was my situation as well. Second opinions are good, but I would advise to honor your sisters decision.

Good Luck!!

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Hi and I want to welcome you here.

Everything sounds so confusing right now. I know you may be confused about a second opinion as she is getting surgery soon on the 21st. Try to get one in, nut if not at least they are able to operate on her.

After the surgery you will find out so much more about the tumor, if is spread to other lymp nodes etc. At that time they will give you her actual staging. But at this point they should at least know what kind of LC it is. Don't stress they will find out everything after they take out the tumor and the pathology report comes back.

I know how upset she is but she is very fortunate very fortunate to be a candidate for surgery. This is good!

There is hope this is an early stage and she may need chemo afterwards and that will be it. If she is stahed at 1A she most likely may not need chemo.

Keeping her in my prayers for good results.

Keep us posted.


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  • 2 weeks later...

well a update on my little sister . It's cancer for sure they said it"s the S word can;t seem to spell right now they did surgery they had to take 4 ribs and some of the chest wall and the top lobe. now wait and see if there is cancer in the lymph nodes. have chem and radiotation sorry for the spelling been a long day she went thru 5 hours of surgery ,

but doing really great talked to her so if you all can keep her in your prays the doctor said maybe stage 11b but not real sure.

but thank you all very much for all that you have done for me and my little sister . and God bless you all .

thank you


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Hi, sending my wishes and prayers for a good report from the Dr. and a speedy recovery. Stay here with us and keep asking questions. I'm glad that your sister has you to help out. Don't let the Dr's push your questions aside. If you don't understand something they say or write down, ask them to explain it. I do that all the time! Shelley

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thank you all for the best wishes , and yes Donna she does have an epiudural she told me she don;t like tit but I told her it's controling the pain .still in cvicu util tomorrow if all goes good. we find out if the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes .........praying and believing that it's all gone. and now for the radi and chemo . she isn't looking forward to that but I told her God has it under control ......

its really hard for me to watch her going thru this but I love her. and want to see her around for years to come.... you all have help me I could handle when the doctor said it was cancer I said well let's get going take care of her and make her new .....we will be strong in God hands and with all of you helping us . we will make it and I thank God I found this site . your all a very blessing to me and my family .

and the best to all of you so . that is all for now .

tomorrow well be better ? I pray good night all and have a wonderful night and day


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I want to thank everyone who prayed for my sister Tammie and helped me to understand what she was going thru and help us be pro active in her care, the test have came back today and the lymph nodes are clear and have done several chest x-rays and everything is looking good for now .

Jesus is in control she is just really hurting and nothing helps with the pain but I know she will be fine with Jesus help and strength but again thank you all very much


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