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3 month scan report

Don M

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I saw Dr. West today. The mass has grown a little bit. They don't know for sure if it is new tumor growth or inflammation. I also have a nodule that was seen 3 months ago right next to the big mass in the apex. It shows increased uptake, but it is the same size.

The next treatment is for me to try tarceva, but I can wait until I have a definite increase in symptoms or increase in spread. So far it is still all in my upper right lobe. It is acting like a squamous adenocarcinoma, slow growing. It could eventually kill me, but not in the short term. So, I am not going to do more treatment for a while. I feel good now and the prednisone is helping me breathe. I still have treatment induced pneumonitis. Dr. West says that since my cancer is so slow growing, and I have not much healthy lung tissue left, that any future treatment may be worse than the disease itself. We both feel that tarceva is a safe bet. I am just going to time using tarceva to get the most possible benefit out of it. I was thinking about eventually doing taxotere if the tarceva does not work, but if I still have it all contained in my upper right lobe a year from now, I am going to ask for surgery…maybe. Dr. West says they would consider it, although it is radical for a one lunged person to have surgery, but if it spreads elsewhere surgery is out.

I guess there is still a chance that it is all inflammation that is showing up and appears bigger, but I don’t have a very good track record for treatment response for this tumor and so I am not as positive, but am accepting about whatever outcome may arise in the next year or so. Yah… if the taxotere is really going to mess me up, and it is not likely to do any good, I think my next step after tarceva would be to ask for surgery.

Still…maybe it will just go away.

As Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead says “hoping for a miracle everyday”

Don M

P.S. I am using my son’s pc 200 miles from my home. We had a big bad storm there and I will be out of power and out of touch with the rest of the world for a week or longer.

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Oh Don, that storm in your area was terrible! I'm glad to hear you had somewhere to go. Is your home under water? ((((DON))))

1. Glad to hear this cancer is SLOOOW going! That really is a plus in the world of lc.

2. I'm glad there are still options for you either Taxotere or Tarceva and just remember they might have something new if one of these don't work.

3. It's good to hear your feeling good.

4. I know all to well about a ONE LUNG PERSON having surgery! :roll: I've made it through 3 major surgeries with one lung heading for number 4.

So, once again, we never say never and anything is possible.

Again, I'm so sorry to hear you were/are in that terrible storm. Best wishes to you ALL!

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We need a miracle everyday...indeed! I will be praying along with everyone else for inflammation. And if not, I hope the Tarceva will do the trick!

Hang in there, Don, and may you enjoy a lovely Christmas! I hear you were right next door this Thanksgiving! :wink:

P.S. I LOVE the Grateful Dead - my daughter is even named Cassidy... 8):wink:

Yours in HOPE!!


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Tarceva and Iressa worked wonders for John-- I wish the same for you-- or inflammation, or a miracle. Sorry you are an evacuee, I hope you're home soon. To quote the Grateful Dead again, "what a long strange trip it's been."


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Hi Don,

As usual I was hoping for better news. So now its just wait and see.

I pray the Tarceva does the trick.

I feel so bad that you had to ivacuate from your home. I hope you can get home soon and find no damage.

Meanwhile, enjoy being with you son.


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Hi and thanks for your support everyone. I did not have to evacuate. I stopped by my son's house after seeing Dr. West... not because I had to evacuate. My oldest son lives not too far from Seattle. I did have one tree fall on an old shed that I don’t care about. There was mostly wind damage around here. My house is ok. I still don’t have power and it may not be restored for a week more, so I bought a generator and can go on line and watch tv now. I have a fireplace insert with lots of firewood stacked in the garage so, the living room stays warm enough.

Someone sent me a pm today and it does not show up in my inbox.

Don M

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