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CAT scan tomorrow - Am worried about this one!!

Patti B

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So tomorrow morning I have another CAT scan. For 13 months, my every 9 week scan was good - either shrinkage or stable up until the one in October that showed some growth while on Avastin. So they started me on Alimta. Now, for the last 1 1/2 months, I feel different. I talked to my onc who moved up my CAT to determine what is going on.

I have been having pains (not bad, like sore pains) in my right middle back and its almost like I can "feel" my lung. Hard to explain the feeling. Now, of course, I try to rationalize it that in the last couple of months I have been on a roll - lugging a carpet cleaner up and down the steps cleaning carpets, I painted my master bath, up and down the attic steps with Thanksgiving decorations and now recently up and down the attic steps carrying Christmas boxes. So maybe its pulled muscles?? Or the tumor pressing on a nerve?? Or am I just trying to make excuses to myself and this is progression?

I have the scan tomorrow morning and then see my doc for chemo Tuesday am at 8:30. If he is not in the exam room by 8:35 (which we all know he won't be) I will be running up and down the halls of Cleveland Clinic screaming 'DR. MEKHAIL GET YOUR BUTT IN HERE!!!"

How can I be so terrified of getting these results and yet want 8:30 am Tuesday to come SO BAD all at the same time?? Unfortunately, I cannot think beyond Tuesday right now. I have always been "freaky" at scan time but this one is really giving me the willies! My son, of course, tells me mom, I know it will be OK and my husband is just so far into denial over this. My friends tell me to just think positively. Well, we all know that sometimes cancer doesn't hear our thoughts!!

So that is why I have come here, because you all understand. And it makes me feel better just putting it in writing. Thanks!!

Will post on Tuesday one way or another.

Thanks again for letting me vent!!

Hugs to All

Patti B.

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I wish I was closer to give you a hug and let you know I am with you on this as much as I can be from a distance!

Breathe and tryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy not to worry.. I know that is virtually impossible... You've got a great support system here and we are all pulling for you and for great results!

My prayers and positive thoughts are with you and I am here.. just yell~

Love and hugs


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Hang in there Patti, Tuesday is my results day too!

When I checked into the imaging center for my CT/PET Friday I noticed a new brochure explaining their recent expansion, and an item offering "free CDs of your exam" to patients. I inquired and was told I could pick it up 45 minutes after the exam ended. It's been a lot of fun playing with the various color and overlay options, but not very informative. If I had to make a guess I'd say there is still activity in my right lung (no idea whether more or less) but the pleural effusion has decreased. Everything else is a mystery, except my Tarceva fingertips do show up as inflammation hotspots in some of the images. After my doc gives me the written report I'll know how far off base I was.

Good luck and Aloha,


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Hi All-

Guess what - GOOD NEWS!!!!!! My onc personally looked at the scan and altho he is waiting to confirm the exact measurements with the radiologist, the scan is the same or MAYBE THERES A TEENY TINY BIT OF IMPROVEMENT over the last one!!!

I cannot believe this!! I have been hurting in my lung area for about a month and everythings OK!!! Who would have thought?? I have been so terribly worked up over this and I was almost puking on my way there today!!

The doc feels my pain is either muscular in nature or maybe its the way my body is reacting to Alimta with body aches. OR - I am going Thursday for a full body bone scan. When I had my PET a year ago, it had showed not only a met to my spine and rt pelvis, but also a met to one rt rib. That rib met has never showed up again on any CAT or MRI. So he is wondering if that little bugar is bothering me again. He told me not to worry about it if it is, I can go back on Zometa.

So now my family can go on with Christmas - this is the greatest present EVER!!!

Thank you all so very much for your words of encouragement and prayers - I could not have gotten thru this without all of your support. I really had felt like this was going to go another way and I knew that you would have all been there to help me get thru it.

Thanks again - and - Ned - I hope you read this - I know today is your scan result day and I am praying very hard right now for you that you, too, have good news. Please let us know!!

Love, hugs and gratitude to you all!!

Patti B.

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Congrats!!! :D "Bestest news!!!!" :lol: Enjoy your holidays!!


p.s. Your Nick sounds like a pretty awesome guy from some of your posts I have read!!!! :) Not to mention handsome!!! I just read his blog at cancergrief.com. I will pass this along to my son (14) so maybe they can "hang out".

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Hi, Patti, congratulations on the good news!

I didn't make a separate post for mine, just updated the profile, and it's essentially like yours -- stable. The tumor and pleural nodules still light up, but there's nothing suspicious anywhere else. Even better, the loculated pleural effusion that's been with me for who knows how long is continuing to resolve. The lungs sound good via stethoscope according to my onc, and he did a full tap-tap routine for the benefit of myself and wife. Now there are two almost identical drums, rather than one drum and one bag of wet rags. I had a feeling that was the case, since my energy and endurance have improved recently. I'm not much closer to NED status, but now that I'm getting the Tarceva side effects under reasonable control I'm a happier camper.

Happy Holidays and Aloha,


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Ned -

I am so glad to hear your good news. I told myself to wait til tonight since you are in a different time zone but was going to send you a PM if I had not heard from you - I was worried!!!

So that makes like what - 5 of us who got good news on the same day?? Lets keep this one rolling!!

Hugs to All - Patti B.

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