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start tomorrow


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Wishing you as much good luck as there is, Bucky. Ya gotta stay on parole with me, ya know??? I'll be anxious to hear how things progress. I don't remmeber hearing you mention much about doing this. Did I miss an important update? You are still on parole, right?


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Hey Bucky, I have a silly question. What do we know about this trial your going to start on? How new is it and how many other have been on it? I was just wondering. I wonder if our Randy could research it and find anything out about it.

You'll have to fill us in after you start it and hopefully they will be able to explain more about it to you. Is this a pill form or is it like chemo?

Oh Sweet Bucky, you'll do fine with this, and this trial WILL BE The MAGIC BULLET in killing off the cancer for good!!! We HAVE to believe this is the one, and we HAVE to be POSITIVE!!!!

I'm here for you my friend, ANYTIME you NEED TO TALK!! We'll get though this one baby step at a time!! Hang in there, I'm sending up extra prayers for GOOD RESULTS!!! I'll do anything to keep my buddy right here with us. :wink::wink:

Sending Lots of Love and Good Wishes Hugs,


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Can not find out too much yet about this except for trial Link;

http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT0 ... %22&rank=1

Bucky had asked me about this trial and My thoughts and I am happy to see that she is gonna Run with it. WHO KNOWS? Could be the magic bullet!!!! :wink:

A Big thanks to all my Pioneer friends in the battle for the Cure and I know the list has grown since I have been here!!!!!!!

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The Liposome Vaccine has been in the works for a couple of years right now! But I do hope you also have great results wiht that trial and THank you!! Not Mean to threadjack! :oops:

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