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Prayers and wishes needed


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Patkid, needs some prayers and

good wishes to keep going.

Down mood for a while we need to pick

her up and help her get back on


We can do it, please join in the



The influence of prayer on the

human mind and body is as demonstrable

as that of secreting glands. Its results

can be measure in term of increased

physical buoyancy, greater intellectual

vigor, more stamina, and a deeper

understanding of the realities

underlying human relationships.

(Dr. Alex Carrel)


Leave it to a doctor to spread the


Prayers and good wishes would help

Patkid to face days when she feels down.

Thank you


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Oh dear sweet Pat... She is such an inspiration to all of us and I hate to think that she is feeling so down and depressed. Pat hon, please know that your thoughts and words have helped carry me through many a tough time... I am here for you - always. PM me if you need to talk, I can listen and hopefully help you through this... I am sending my love, Sharon

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Oh, Pat - please feel better. I am always drawn to your posts - you are such an inspiration to everyone here.

You were one of the first to ever PM me when I first came on the boards. You said such sweet things to me. Now I wish I could help you.

You are in my prayers.

Many many hugs to you - Patti B.

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We love you!

We love you!

We love you!

And where you go we'll follow, we'll follow, we'll follow...

OK, that sounds a bit like a stalker now that I think about it. Just know that you are truly loved here, and that we are wrapping you in warm blankets of hugs and prayers.


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Don't make me get Beck and the pink bus and drive to your door. You know we'll do it. We may even pick up Debi somewhere and then you'll really be in trouble with the chicken cult. If the threat of the bus and chickens doesn't snap you out of this funk I don't know what will.

Now a word from normal Rochelle:

I know how those bad days can be Pat but you can't sink down so far there's no way back up. You can do this, just keep walking and before you know it you'll be on the other side of this.

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I hope you know how much you are loved here. You are one of the special ones, ya know. You've given so much of yourself to others, in this "family", and now it's your turn to take some. Reach out and take all the love and support you need. We are here for you and if that doesn't work, we always have Ry and company to come after ya.

Hugs and Prayers,


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Keep the prayers coming,

Pat is having a hard time

thinking ''WHO'' will be

there to take care of her

when she will be in need.


''Be strong and courageous.

The Lord your God will

be with you wherever

you go''.

Joshua 1:9



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Oh Pat,

It's so hard to know what someone else needs, as we're all walking our individual paths.

But when I'm at my lowest and feeling the most "alone" is the time I really need to reach out to those who are still here with me. Sometimes it takes a while to do it, but I think God does his greatest work through other people. Even if that means reaching out to someone you don't know that well yet. A neighbor, someone at church, a close relative, a "not so close" relative you wish you knew better, someone who needs your help, etc. People who have been through so much pain as you have also have the greatest things to give back, and I think that's when you find yourself again.

Just this week I started in a class/small group called Grief Share. It's a faith-based, nation-wide program. I think it's going to be well worth attending. The web site has many resources, and also allows you to check for groups in your location: http://www.griefshare.org/

You have so much love and respect from those here -- these dark days will pass. Please let people help you through.

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Love you, Pat. Lots and lots.

Here is a Carolyn story to make you feel better.

#1) She is a birthday girl. She entered the world with all sorts of joy and light and hope three years ago today.

#2) She woke up this morning after being pretty sick last night full of spirit. I'd stacked up her building bricks outside her door last night just to clean up. She saw the tower, knocked it down and built another. Than she told me it was a "Ballygar." I asked her what a "Ballygar" was. She didn't tell me. I asked her what a "Ballygar" did and she jumped up and down spun in circles and went 'dither dither dither.' Then she told me that they fly UP in the SKY and fly away fly away fly away fast.

That Carolyn story is just for you Ms. Pat. Carolyn sends love and hugs and we do too.

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Pat, my dear friend,

Throughout the years you have been such an inspiritional force on here. You have lifted up so many of us by your strong beliefs in faith and prayers you sent us.

I just want you to know how much you mean to me. I miss you and I care about you. I know there are people in your personal life who care also. I hope you can go to them for love and support.

I wish I could be there with you, to listen and to help lift you up. I'm helpless here, all I can do is sent you healing prayers.

Please know how much we all care and Iam so sorry for all you are going through.

Don't be afraid to get some medical help if need be. There are meds out there that can help you get through this.

Thinking of you with much love...


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