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Scan results are not what we had hoped for. There is significant worsening of disease. So all this chemo that was so hard on me did nothing. They have changed the chemo to Navelbine and I will go back on Tarceva. If anyone knows much about Navelbine let me know.

We will also be looking into clinical trials.

The good news is that I will be back on Tarceva at 150mg. I was on 100mg. I think the Tarceva was doing some good and boosting it to the recommended dose of 150mg might do the trick.

I know the good Lord has a reason for everything and when the time is right he can make any of the chemo work. I put all my trust in him.

There is also a large plural effusion. They are going to drain this on Friday. This should relieve the shortness of Breath. All prayers appreciated.

Stay positive, :)


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Well Ernie, I'm sure going to add my prayers to the list. I hope and pray that these two drugs will be the magic bullet.

I will say this that a few years back a couple of my LC Support group members her in MN were on Navelbine and they had very few side effects from it. However they didn't take Tarceva, just the Navelbine.

Best wishes to you, and I hope your feeling better soon.

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I am sorry you didn't get a good result from the combo you were on. I know several of our members have had Navelbine, dadstimeon and Lucie are two I remember. I hope that the new combination does the trick for you.

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Ernie, you've got everyone in the bleachers cheering you on. We all just gotta believe this will get you on the road to feeling much better soon. We all are staying positive for you. Those vibes have to be felt all the way to FL from all over the country.

Keep fighting, friend. We're all in line with you!


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Ernie, that sounds like a good plan. The thoracentesis should give you relief, the Navelbine sounds like an easy chemo, and you know about Tarceva already. That combination should help you build up your strength so your immune system can work WITH the chemo instead of being weakened by it. Aloha,


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